Why To Choose Timber Flooring For Homes And Offices? Are There Any Disadvantages?

timber flooring

Timber flooring or wooden flooring is popular since the age-old times. Wooden floor can make homes and offices more attractive. It is an eco-friendly floor option as the material wood is recycled here.

With the timber material, you can create beautiful floors with textures and colors. It is important to make suitable choice of timber floor as it differs in terms of appearance, price, looks and durability. Choose the floor as per your needs.

For the installation of the timber floor, choose a reliable company. Enquire about the product line that the company has. Know the specifications of timber wood. The thickness of wood, the warranty period and the kind of construction matters a lot. Ask about the number of finished coats the company will apply.


So, Are You Considering Home Renovation?

timber flooring

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Apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls and change the floor to add a new dimension to the space. It will completely transform your home.

Most of the home owners now choose timber flooring due to the number of advantages it offers. Timber floor can boost the curb appeal of your home and add to the value of the property. The kind of floor you choose depends on the look you wish to attain.


Rustic Appeal

timber flooring

Timber is the material option for floors that imparts rustic look and feel to the home. The kind of naturalistic appeal it has, makes the home different. In fact, it makes your old home new. You feel more comfortable below the feet than marble flooring. A lot of comfort factor is attached to this sort of floor.


It Has High Maintenance Cost

timber flooring

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This is the only drawback of timber flooring that it has a high maintenance cost. Home owners complain that the cost of maintaining timber floor is pretty high, but the cost will give you value. The investment is worth considering as the value of the property is sure to move up.

Then, it is also a bit complicated to install timber floor. This is why you must contact a professional for the installation work. You need the right sort of equipment to fix the boards. So, spend some money in hiring the professional rather than buying the tools for installation work.


No Need For Regular Repair

When you are choosing timber flooring, there is no need to bear regular maintenance and repair charges.


Timber flooring offers a variety of benefits

Key benefits are:

  • it is more durable, bears good appearance and has superior strength
  • it is much easier to install
  • the kind of floor has modern appeal
  • stylish in nature
  • it is cool during summers and warm during winters
  • eco-friendly or environmental friendly flooring option
  • it is best meant for those having breathing problems
  • an array of designs available
  • invites aesthetic elegance


Timber floor is versatile with a lot of finishing options

timber flooring

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With timber flooring, a lot of finishing options are available. It is sturdy, durable and bears a rustic appeal. You can invite old world charm by choosing timber floor. You may choose the floor in various designs, finishes, patterns and color options.


Timber or Laminate floor?

timber flooring

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Many home owners are confused whether to choose laminate floor or timber floor. Well, both timber and laminate floors have their benefits. If the area experiences a lot of traffic, you should go for laminate floor. The color, the budget, the kind of look you want to attain should be considered. There are various options in timber wood like Cypress Pine, Blue Gum, Tassie oak, Ironbark and walnut.

Whatever floor you choose for the home, whether laminate or timber, both can add a fresh dimension to the area. Timber flooring is best meant for older homes.

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