6 Different Types Of Rock Drill Attachment For Skid Steer

Drilling through the rocks is not an easy task; to drill rocks need specialized tools and machine. Skid steer with drilling attachment is the best equipment to do drill through rocks or any other hard surface in very less time.

Rock drilling process is a combined task of rock lubrication, cooling of drill of hole in the rocks and removing the extra hard bits of rock. To perform the rock drill effectively and efficiently many drilling tools or attachments are available for skid steer.

Hydraulic drifters are versatile tool that helps in a drilling process which provides a lot of benefits than any other drill machine. Slit.no has detailed information about these tools and their uses. They are the ideal choice for tasks related to construction site, drilling site and other work sites. They are special tools that designed for drilling blast and rock splitting.

To do a different task during rock drilling process, a skid steer or excavator needs different attachments. Here is the list of some important rock drill attachments for a skid steer.

1) Hydraulic Drilling tool:

Hydraulic drifters are a great tool for drilling and digging of surface or rocks. It is based on use hydraulic principle to do drilling process efficiently by delivering more power to the machine. it drills through surface by making rotations around its axis, rotational speed is very high and also exert more pressure on the surface to make smooth and fine drill.

2) Augers bits:

These are capable of handling two operations simultaneously that is drilled and cutting through hard rocks. The shape of the steps of this tool is round and helical with metal teeth at the bottom of each step. The helical steps work as screw blade which rotates at high speed to cut or to drill the rock. It also collects the waste of cutting and takes them out of the drilling hole.

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3) Hammer drilling tool:

Hard as concrete or rock can be broken with the help of hydraulic hammer attachment of excavator or skid steer. It drills through the hard surface of the rock by the action of hammering on it slowly and forcefully. To attach or to remove it from a machine is easy.

4) Concrete Breakers:

This attachment of skid steers help to break through rocks, stones and hard surface of the earth. The hydraulic breaker uses maximum efficiency by matching the capacity of the machine with the breaker. It helps in breaking a rock into parts or to fracture the rock.

5) Grapples:

It is a highly versatile attachment for skid steer; it helps to carry large material with proper precision and efficiency. Heavy and oddly shaped items like rocks, logs and piles can be easily moved from one place to another with its help. It has excellent grip to hold the material, many types of grapples are there like log grapples, root grapples, rock grapples, scrap grapples. Buy one which suited your requirement of work.

6) Rock buckets:

The rock buckets are used to fast clean up, shifting out of debris and rocks and get them away from buildings or construction site. The strong tensile material of bucket allows the loading and unloading process of rocks easy and without any hurdle. It also prepares land for landscaping and help in removing rocks from farm fields too.

Rock drill attachments for skid steer have many applications:
  • They used to make hole in the rocks
  • They Used to blast the rocks for construction purpose
  • Use to break underground rocks for oil and gas well construction
  • They also help in moving heavy rock parts from one place to another.

Various drilling attachments are available, which makes drilling task easy any fast. Select the best hydraulic drifter tool for your machine according to your work requirement.

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