Interior Design for Home: Decorating Tips for Your House

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Many of us love decorating, not only because it offers a refreshing feel to the house, but because it can motivate us by appreciating our surroundings more. However, there’s the common misconception that doing so has to be expensive or complicated. The good news is, that couldn’t be further from the truth! There are many easy and affordable ways to decorate your house, and LiveEnhanced explores all the best tips right here for you to draw inspiration from!

1.      Maximize Space with Colors

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No, you won’t really be gaining extra space, but it will sure look and feel like it with a smart color change! If you’re dealing with darker or brighter colors, you may start to feel closed in. Beige, gray, or cream are excellent options and can create a kind of universal flow that offers a more open appearance. If you have two adjacent rooms that you’d like to vary up a bit, all you have to do is go up or down a couple of shades. That way you’ll get variation but not in a drastic way.

Do you already happen to have plain, light-colored walls? Then why not add in an accent wall? It doesn’t have to be anything crazy; a deep red or blue can create a rich/bold vibe that shows off your home’s character a bit more.

2.      Place a Mirror in Every Room

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While adding a lighter-colored paint can definitely help brighten up space, it’s not the only solution. Mirrors are another quick and easy way to do so, as they bounce light around the room. You can choose the mirror of the size and shape that works best for your space. The most important factor here is to pay attention to where you hang it.

Placing them perpendicular to windows is your goal here, not right across from them as they’ll simply bounce the coveted light right back outside!

3.      Start an Herb Garden

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Herb gardens are a beautiful thing. They can instantly add some life and color to your space, but also offer you some fresh and delicious herbs to enjoy in your meals! Not everyone wants or has the space to do so outdoors, so if you want a more convenient alternative, check out the indoor herb garden kits. They vary widely in terms of size, energy requirements, price, and technology so you won’t be short on options either!

4.      Go Room By Room

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An easy way to become overwhelmed is by taking on everything at once. The most effective and stress-free way of doing so is by prioritizing your rooms. Perhaps it’s the living room, kitchen, or master bedroom. Pick at most, 2-3 rooms and decorate one at a time. Don’t move onto the next until you’ve finished the previous one!

5.      Start with the Largest Piece

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Go by the largest piece of furniture in the room. For the living room, that’s typically a sofa or center table. For the kitchen, it’s usually the dining room or perhaps an island. For the bedroom, it’s typically the bed. Focus on these pieces and move outward, utilizing the same or a complementary style in the remainder of the room’s décor.

If you haven’t yet decided on this piece/pieces of furniture, then remember that it’s the one that will make the biggest impact on the design aesthetic so choose wisely! On top of that, it’s also usually the most expensive so keep your budget in mind, too.

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Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read all about our interior design for home decorating tips, which will you be following up with first? The great thing is that each of these tips is incredibly affordable to pull off, and will yield instant, notable results. If you feel a bit uneasy about DIY projects, just remember that all of these can be easily fixed if it doesn’t go perfectly the first time. However, we’re sure it will go just swimmingly! We hope our guide full of tips has given you some handy ideas to add to your arsenal. Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you again soon! Happy decorating!

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