Top 5 Benefits Of Pile Foundation: Everything You Should Know

pile foundation

Constructing a building requires a lot of refined civil knowledge and architectural expertise. Whether you have a large industrial project or a small residential one, choosing the right piling contractors for an efficient and reliable construction is a must.

Piles are an important construction material used by most of the piling contractors to provide strength, support, and firmness to the ground soil. Generally, pile foundation is used for structures near flowing water to help buildings withstand deep soil erosions.

Listed below are some of the top benefits of pile foundation during construction :

Better Framework

What are piles? How do I choose the right material for it?

pile foundation

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Well, we understand you must be confused with the different pile materials available in the market and end up scratching your head looking for the best one. Mostly, classification of plies depends on three factors :

• Load transmission and functional behavior

• Type of Material Used

• Effect on soil

Piles are long supportive slender materials that help in transferring the load of the structure to the ground; binding the soil around the base together, and therefore, providing internal support to the entire building.

Using the right material of the piles depends entirely on the kind of framework you want to set up.

According to the types of material used, piles can be classified into :

• Composite Piles

• Timber Piles

• Concrete Piles

• Steel Piles

Enhanced Support

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So, how do piles work? When setting up a building pile foundation is a structure that helps carry the load and transfer it to the bearing ground located deep below the earth. The idea of setting up a pile foundation boils down to the fact that before starting with the construction of a building a well built and supportive ground base is a must.

Where to Use Pile Foundation?

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• Primarily, at construction sites requiring a sound firm base

• Secondly, structures located near a river or lake.

• Lastly, Offshore structures with collapsible soil content.

Corrosion Resistant

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Concrete Piles are one of the most commonly used piles material at construction sites. Its anti-corrosive nature, cheap loading cost and easy to install feature makes it one of the most trusted and recommended pile material.

The concept of pile foundation lies on the idea of providing core strength and support to the structure. Once the piles are put deep into the soil, it offers fixated support to the soil around the building.

According to the load transmission and functional behavior of Piles, the different kinds of piles are :

• End Bearing Piles

• Anchor Piles

• Cohesive Piles

• Friction Piles

Strong and Firm

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If you are building a hospital or a school which would eventually involve a lot of traffic on an everyday basis, Strength and firmness of the building have to be a priority. With a concrete pile grilled deep down into the ground for enhanced support and rigidity to the soil at the core.

Good Ground Base

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Once a pile has been firmly placed into the ground, rest assured of a good ground base and strength. Piles come in a variety of material like concrete, steel, wood, etc. Most of the piling contractors prefer using concrete piles for their low cost, hard-driving support and relatively corrosion resistant nature.

These are some of the top benefits of using piles at construction sites or manufacturing units. With a good ground base, enhanced support and better framework, piles have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. Contact a trusted and reliable piling company like Geobond and rest assured of an on-time execution of your construction project.


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