7 Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Look Luxurious on a Budget

The kitchen is the only room in the house that gets neglected the most when designing. This is mostly because the kitchen cabinets and units come in standardised sizes and has standardised door options as well. In fact, there is nothing much you can do about it and its very challenging to bring your kitchen design to life.

Most people design their home on a budget. It goes without saying that the kitchen room is allotted the least amount. But what if we tell you that you can design your dream kitchen in such a way that it not only complements the rest of the house but also saves you a fortune?

luxurious kitchen design

With a lot of research and understanding with their clients, Saturn Interiors understood that they can design a luxurious kitchen even when on a budget. If you don’t believe, here are seven ideas from the experts themselves that will help you design a glamorous kitchen room and help you save a fortune as well.

1: It is important to start with a right layout

Having a perfectly laid out kitchen should always you be your top most priority. The rest of the design around it comes very easily. We are specifically talking about the work triangle here. We believe that the distance between the stove, the sink and the refrigerator should be as small as a footprint.

As per the rule, although there are few exceptions, the refrigerator should be places closed to kitchen’s entrance. The reason behind this is that the refrigerator is most of the people’s primary destination when entering the kitchen.

luxurious kitchen design

2: Always go for the height

It is overwhelming to watch 36 inch tall top cabinets placed in anything but the lowest ceilinged spaces. If you have enough ceiling space, then going for a 42 inch model is a way better option. Plus the additional 6 inches spaces equals to another shelf for storage. Lofty spaces, having 9-foot ceiling and above, having stacked top cabinets provide more space for storage.

luxurious kitchen design

3: Know when you need to splurge

After the top most cabinets, the backsplash is the next big thing that consumes the most amount of a kitchen’s visual real estate (we are excluding the flooring space here). So when designing a kitchen space, it is always better to take this into consideration.

When it comes to backsplashes, our only advice to you is ‘splurge, splurge and splurge’. If anything in the kitchen that presents you an opportunity to express your style and personality in the design – it is backsplashes. In fact, they are very small and do not require a ton of material to finish. This also means that you are saving money while making your kitchen room looks ravishing.

luxurious kitchen design

4: Make sure you do not neglect the details

Setting up a proper hardware in your kitchen can be expensive. But the investment is worth making. This is equally true in rentals, especially where changing the kitchen hardware not only expensive but also adds a more upscale elegance than anything else.

5: Light it up – always keep it bright

Almost everything we walk into a kitchen, we look up at the ceiling and check the light fixtures. For this very purpose, it is important to have stunning light fixtures over your kitchen island that not only goes well along with your design but also provides enough light in the room to brighten it up.

luxurious kitchen design

But first, you need to establish a visual hierarchy of ceiling light fixtures. There in one zone area that will act as the star and others will be supporting characters, keeping your kitchen from looking like a Christmas tree.

6: Be floored

Today, kitchen flooring has become nothing but where faux reigns supreme. Although most people tend to opt for wooden flooring – similar to those in the rest of their house, which also makes sense in today’s open layouts, but having 12 inch ceramic tile adds the perfect elegance to your kitchen. This is especially when the tiles is laid out on the diagonal.

Kitchen Look Luxurious on a Budget 1

7: Think long term

In the end, everything falls on how the space looks visually few years down the line. Hence, it’s only fair to buy the best quality sink that you can afford. This is equally true when buying hardware for your kitchen design.

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