Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners 

Gardening Tools

Gardening can be a very fulfilling hobby, and for some, a full-time career! In whatever capacity you choose to garden, it can reap a number of mental health benefits such as stress reduction, alleviation in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and dementia, as well as increased concentration levels. 

With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to start gardening if you haven’t considered it before. Here Live Enhanced explore essential tool recommendations, which will get your journey with gardening off to a flying start.

Garden Fork

Gardening Tools


A garden fork is essential for turning and digging up soil or existing plants before planting new ones. They can reach deep into the soil unlike a standard spade and are therefore an excellent way to work in fertiliser and compost into the soil. 

Shovel and Spade

These are probably one of the first pieces of equipment which come to mind when you mention gardening. 

A triangular-blade shovel for example, consists of two blades which come to a point. These are best for digging large holes, turning soil and severing roots. 

A spade however will only have one sharp edge which makes it a slightly more delicate tool. A transplant spade for example is a smaller utensil which can be used for transplanting plants round the garden and scooping soil. 

Your gardening habits may be better suited to one rather than the other, or maybe you need both. Do your research and see which works best for you. 


Gardening Tools


A hoe is long-handled with a downward facing blade which is used to clear weeds, move and break up soil, and covering seeded furrows.  

Usually, you will operate this tool by bending forward and using a dragging motion to achieve your desired result. 

Garden Rake

A garden rake has a side of rectangular tines which can be used to remove roots, weeds and other unwanted debris as well as spread around compost, soil, and mulch.

Although tines are the rake’s defining feature, the flat side can also come in handy too. Use it to smooth soil, pat down seeds, and create furrows. 


Gardening Tools


Investing in a pair of pruners is essential if you wish to tidy up your plants, or remove parts to cultivate. Some recommend that you have two pairs of pruners, a bypass pair, one which provides a smooth cut, and an anvil, one which crushes the stalk or twig when used.

However, if you’re on a budget, a bypass pruner is the better multi-purpose tool. 

Power tools

Gardening Tools


A lawn mower is likely to be a power tool which you use the most. Designed to cut your grass in one seamless motion, investing in a lawn mower is essential if you want to keep your garden tidy and maintained throughout spring and summer. 

If you’re passionate about the aesthetic of your garden, a hedge cutter is a necessity. This is a powerful piece of equipment which you will need to use for extended periods of time with close control, so it’s important that invest in a lightweight and compact model.

If you are looking for a serious garden revamp, a chainsaw is your best friend. It can cut branches which would be impossible to do with manual hand tools. Again, like a hedge cutter, you will want to invest in a light and mobile model for increased control, accuracy, and safety. 

Prepare your toolkit now so it’s ready for spring, and happy gardening!

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