8 Things to Consider When Buying Art Online

Buying Art Online

Buying art can be expensive, and it’s even more so if you purchase it and then realize that it doesn’t fit in with your decor or style. For example, the colours may not match your current colour scheme, or it may clash with the type of furniture you have, or maybe the quality isn’t what you expected.

As illustrators have become more creative it is hard to choose what kind of art would you like to hang on your wall or select greeting cards, this is why The Nonsense Maker provides a wide variety of whimsical art. Whether you’re buying art for the first time or simply looking to increase your collection, buying a painting online can be a bit intimidating. Here are 8 things to consider before purchasing a piece of art online

Where to buy original art

Buying Art Online

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You’ll probably see a few artists whose work you like, but you may still not be sure where to buy original art. The thing is, that’s okay—the gallery scene is intimidating, and it’s easy to get stuck just liking pieces without taking any action. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take any steps toward buying artwork for your home or office. It can help narrow down your search if you do some research before walking into a gallery showroom. Here are eight things to consider when buying art online

What medium do you want your pieces in

If you’re going to buy artwork online, be sure you know what medium you want it in. Not all art looks good in every medium. For example, paintings may look great as is or be printed onto a canvas, but trying to frame a piece of original painting might not work well. 

It’s best if your purchased artwork is similar in size and quality to what you already have in your home so that it can be displayed together for maximum impact. Also, consider having pieces commissioned so that they are custom fit for your home and décor style. It’s far easier and quicker than finding something off-the-shelf at local stores or having existing pieces reframed!

The impact of the style you choose

Buying Art Online

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Before you buy, it’s important to consider how your new art is going to fit into your space. Will it be easy to see from all angles? Is it an open canvas or a framed piece? Would you enjoy having it displayed on a wall by itself or would you prefer its company alongside other pieces of art? 

There are so many different styles and ideas out there, but what will look good in your home depends largely on what you already have and how much space you have. If you want help finding art that fits with your home, try searching for colour palettes for rooms in Google Images; then use those colours as inspiration when shopping around.

If it’s an investment, why?

If you’re looking at art as an investment, then you should want what is known as appreciation value. The idea is that, if your investment appreciates over time, then it would be a wise decision. If you spend money on something that doesn’t appreciate—such as say, a super-fancy vacation—then you’ve essentially wasted your money. For example, say that you buy a painting for $1,000 with hopes of selling it 10 years later for $2,000. That seems like a reasonable decision: More than doubling your money!

How do you hang it?

Buying Art Online

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Before you make a purchase, it’s a good idea to know how you’ll hang it. If your new piece isn’t already framed, you should make sure that whoever is framing it can keep art as a priority and that they understand how to correctly do so (no glue!). After all, hanging a crooked or improperly-framed piece can be more damaging than leaving it unframed. If you don’t have much wall space or want something temporary, consider things like canvas prints that come ready to hang with wire attached.

Keeping your art safe

Be sure that your artwork is shipped and received securely. Some art galleries will ensure your piece while it’s being shipped and you should always ask for insurance on any package you receive. 

If you aren’t sure how securely your art will be handled, ask questions before making a purchase or shipping an item. Before allowing someone else to deliver your purchased artwork, look them up online. Get their business name and number so you can make sure they are an established company with good customer reviews before they ever arrive at your doorstep.

How much do you need?

There’s no such thing as too much art. Many of us just have way too little wall space for all of our pieces. So, when you do make purchases online, don’t go overboard—make sure you have somewhere to display your new art and have room for it in your budget. 

Buying Art Online

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Even if that means getting rid of some older pieces (or putting them in storage until you can fit them on a wall), it’s best not to over-buy from an online gallery or auction house. It’s better to think of these places as a place to start and then purchase more once you’ve seen what they offer in person and once you know how many words fit into your budget.

Insurance & shipping questions

In addition to making sure your art will be covered in case of damage or loss, you should also find out how long it takes for your artwork to ship. You’ll want to ensure that your piece isn’t delayed longer than you’re comfortable with before having it delivered. 

Ask what kind of shipping company they use and read their reviews online, just like you would when purchasing from a major retailer. Then be proactive about checking delivery dates, tracking numbers and reaching out if something looks suspicious.


The Decision-Making Process of an Artist: Artists are known for their creativity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re great at decision making. Artists tend to be impulsive and purchase art when they feel inspired by a piece. However, there are some considerations that every artist should take into account before purchasing art online—considerations that can help guide you through what can sometimes be a stressful process. With these tips in mind, though, you can learn how to make better decisions when buying art online and find exactly what you want while saving money on your purchases.

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