The Benefits of Natural Products Over Synthetic Ones

Benefits of Natural Products Over Synthetic Ones

If you’re shopping around for personal care products like soaps, shampoos, and sunscreens, you might notice the term natural on many of the product labels. Natural products have increased their market share to 30 per cent in the last 10 years alone according to one industry report! 

But what does natural mean? And are all natural products such as Zea truly better than synthetic ones? To find out, here are eight benefits of natural products over synthetic ones.

History of Natural Products

Benefits of Natural Products Over Synthetic Ones


Before synthetic products were invented and popularized, natural products were used to provide many benefits. The first use of natural products in medicine dates back thousands of years. Sumerians, Egyptians, and Romans all used natural plants for their medicinal purposes. 

The ancient Egyptians even developed a method for extracting and refining petroleum into kerosene that is still in use today. In addition to using natural sources for products like fuel, early civilizations also relied on them for tools and weapons as well. Using wood or stone was common among most early human societies before metalworking began. 

Even today, modern industries rely on naturally-sourced materials like cotton fibres, animal skins, and plant oils to produce textiles like clothing or bags.

Less Toxic

Some chemicals, such as BPA, have been linked to cancer and other diseases. Though natural products don’t always appear safer than their synthetic counterparts—BPA is naturally occurring—some are less toxic. And that can make a big difference when it comes to your health. 

Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s healthy; however, in some cases, it can provide better support for your health by creating a safe environment in which to live. For example, certain foods provide antioxidants (good-for-you) free radicals that inhibit the growth and development of disease. 

These antioxidant chemicals help create an environment within our bodies that work against many detrimental factors like toxins and heavy metals from other sources such as drinking water and polluted air.

Better For Your Skin

Benefits of Natural Products Over Synthetic Ones


Natural products are full of antioxidants, which work to protect your skin and make it healthier. This is particularly important if you use your hands for work or play—or both! Synthetic products are often filled with toxins and harmful chemicals, which not only can lead to rashes and breakouts but also cause scarring and discolouration. 

In general, natural products will do less harm to your skin than synthetic ones. The next time you’re in a pinch for a moisturizer or hand cream, try something that’s been organically grown rather than mass-produced. You might be surprised by how much better your skin looks after a few days—no matter what type you go with!

Best For Your Health

Did you know that synthetic versions of fruits and vegetables can often be hazardous to your health? The chemicals used in their cultivation make them far less nutritious than natural varieties, but only a fraction as expensive. 

If you’re interested in eating healthier, make sure to opt for organic products whenever possible. These natural alternatives may cost more upfront, but it’s worth it for your long-term health and well-being. Here are 8 ways that natural products are better than synthetic ones.

Natural Alternatives Exist Everywhere

Benefits of Natural Products Over Synthetic Ones


In medicine, in your home, and even in your food. Although synthetic products have largely taken over because they’re typically cheaper to produce, scientists are discovering that natural alternatives have advantages. By taking a look at what makes natural products better than synthetic ones and how you can incorporate them into your everyday life, you may be surprised to discover just how many options exist for using green products that are better for both you and our planet. 

They’re Less Expensive

At first glance, natural products may seem to cost more than synthetics. Although some are indeed priced higher than their chemical counterparts, most are less expensive. Once you consider how long a product will last and its effectiveness, it often makes sense to switch to a natural one if the price is an issue. 

Additionally, companies such as Zea have made strides in natural product development in recent years; they’re comparable in quality and effectiveness to their synthetic counterparts—but without chemicals or additives. You don’t have to worry about adverse effects like you would with synthetics, so you can use them with confidence. Many people prefer using natural products because they believe that the body should operate as naturally as possible without man-made modifications.

People Are Moving Away From Synthetic To Natural

Benefits of Natural Products Over Synthetic Ones


More people are shying away from synthetic products in favour of all-natural alternatives. This trend works to your advantage. It means you can charge more for products that contain more natural ingredients. People also tend to spend more on natural products because they trust that what they’re using is healthy, so you have an opportunity to increase your price and make a larger profit margin as well.

Better-Quality Product Leads To Better Reviews, Which Attracts Potential Customers

If you aren’t concerned about quality, your product will reflect that. Research suggests quality leads to customer satisfaction, which often leads to good reviews and recommendations. Word-of-mouth is still a critical element of any business’ success and natural products are often promoted by satisfied customers. Studies show that on average a customer will tell nine people about their experience with a company; so make sure they have one worth talking about!

Switching Only Makes Sense

Benefits of Natural Products Over Synthetic Ones


People often stick with what they’re familiar with, which is why it’s so hard to get people to change their habits. After all, why mess with something you already know?


In closing, there are certainly many reasons to avoid synthetic products. Research has shown that we’re already exposed to too many toxic chemicals in our air, water and food—we don’t need more exposure through our personal care products. Try switching out your care items for natural versions and see if you notice a difference! Whether it’s simply your skin or something more serious like cancer, it might be worth taking some time to consider the benefits of choosing natural products.

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