A Bright Idea: 5 Painless Reasons How To Choose the Right Kitchen Lighting


For many people, a kitchen is the best place inside the house. They consider it as a hub where they can discover new types of cooking, fresh recipes, and practice their ability to show what is the best plate to offer to everyone they wanted to please.

While many people wanted to have the best type of kitchen, a lot forgot about choosing the right lighting. Let’s take a quick look at the enumerated reasons below on how to choose the right and proper lighting for your kitchen.

Get Away from “Too Bright”


When it comes to choosing your kitchen lighting, the most common error is that many people want to lit the whole room. As a result, everything is glaring, and it overpowers everything. It’s not good for your eyes.

It means that you have to keep every lighting in a dimmable way so you can quickly adjust then when needed.

Get a Layered Look

One full lighting does not help to cover every corner of your kitchen covered with light. It means that when you have layers of light, and they blend with each other, that is where it is considered as a well-lit kitchen.

layered kitchen lighting

Consider four different type of lights that you can layer so you can come up with a functional layer of lighting and the right blending. Task lighting allows the right amount of light when you chop the ingredients of the food you are preparing. Ambient lighting helps in creating a warm glow.

Moreover, accent lighting adds a depth to your kitchen. These kinds of lighting fixtures include bulbs that are placed inside a glass-storage to illuminate your glassware. Lastly, decorative lighting is conducive to add sparkle and glint to your space.

Dim the Brilliance

The ability to adjust your lighting in any part of your house especially in your kitchen is beneficial. When you are cleaning up your room, a good illumination helps. However, when you are preparing and cooks for a meal, then dim lights are useful.


The more decorative, dim, and accented light you have for your kitchen while preparing for your food, the more feeling of happiness and contentment you will get while working.

Seek Help from an Expert

In getting the right placement and proper lighting, you may seek the help of a lighting designer. They will help you study the layout of your kitchen and other elements that will affect your choice of lights.

Lighting designer also helps you in determining the amount of space and the right placements of light.


Even if you don’t have the right budget, one last thing that you might include is the way you strategize. If you can can’t get the exact lighting to wanted, try to be innovative and look for alternatives that might help you see your lights authentic.


Choosing the right lighting for your kitchen is an arm and a leg, but it gives you the right amount of contentment and happiness. If you want to get the best lighting fixtures for your kitchen, you may browse websites online, and BlackMango is of those.

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