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Ac Maintenance Services

If the air conditioner is properly maintained then it runs efficiently, consumes less energy for functioning, running cost is reduced and above all these things if the air conditioning unit is well-maintained then it will increase the lifespan of the unit and reduce the frequency of repairs. House owners can do some maintenance tasks on their own but for major repairs and technical inspection, you must hire a qualified professional service provider. Now in this article let us discuss some simple maintenance tasks that can be done on your own. If you are finding it difficult to perform this maintenance task then you can hire a service provider who offers AC maintenance services in Tampa FL.

When you are doing the maintenance task you must make sure that you are following all the required safety precautions. Before doing maintenance work in the outdoor unit, you must turn off the power supply. 

Thermostat examination:

Ac Maintenance Services

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Examining the thermostat is one of the easiest maintenance tasks of the air conditioner. A thermostat is one of the vital parts of the air conditioning unit. So, ensure that your thermostat is working properly and maintain the indoor temperature at the right level. If you are using a mechanical or old model thermostat then replace it with the new programmable and smart thermostat. 

When no one is there in the house the digital thermostat increases the temperature level instead of turning off and before 30 minutes of arrival, the thermostat starts to cool the house. With the help of a programmable thermostat, you can feel comfortable once you enter the house. By this method, you can also save electricity and money. 

So if you want to save money at the same time feel comfortable once you enter the house then upgrade to a programmable thermostat in which you can program the daily cooling schedule of your house. 

Replacing or cleaning the air filter:

Ac Maintenance Services

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One of the important air conditioner maintenance tasks is replacing the air filter. If you are using a reusable air filter then it must be cleaned. During high usage time, it must be cleaned every month and replaced once during the spring and fall seasons. The air filters are located behind the air grille of the ceiling or wall. It is also located in the slot on the top, bottom, or side of the furnace unit. 

The airflow of the air conditioner when the air filters are blocked by dust, allergen particles, and dirt. This situation makes the air conditioner work hard to keep the place cool. Air blowing out from the air conditioning unit will also be dustier which reduces the indoor air quality and it causes health problems like allergy, infection, asthma, skin disease, eye irritation, and many more. 

Ac Maintenance Services

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One of the best ways to prevent this problem is using high-quality air filters. During AC installation Tampa FL or regular AC maintenance services you can ask the service provider to install a high-quality air filter. If you are using cheap fiberglass then it will not filter small particles like viruses, bacteria, and pollen. Compulsory this type of air filter must be replaced at least once in 30 days. 

For residential purposes, you can use a pleated air filter with a 1 MERV rating to a 12 MERV rating. If any one of your family members has a dust allergy problem or if you are living in an industrial area then upgrade to a high-quality air filter. 

Cleaning the condenser unit:

Ac Maintenance Services

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The airflow and capacity of the air conditioning system are reduced because of the build-up of grass clippings, dirt, and leaves outside the condenser unit. So maintaining the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is also important. Before clearing the debris, turn off the power supply. Then, clear the debris using the water hose used for gardening. First, clean the top of the condenser unit and then clean the bottom area. Wash the unit gently if you wash it hard or if you are using a power washer then you may damage the unit. Make sure that the delicate motor fans are not damaged. For efficient and long-term benefits, you can use aluminium fins. Trim the plant and shrubs that are placed around the air conditioning unit.

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