Acne Scars: Ways To Prevent Them

Acne Scare

Ever wish to have that flawless skin like that famous person you idolize? If you want to achieve that look, you’ll have to take good care of your skin and overall health. Acne is unavoidable, especially for teenagers who are going through their puberty stage. But, being a teenager and having pimples and acne will only be temporary as long as they have the right diet and are thought of how to cleanse their face. For the older group of individuals, acne and pimples can be difficult to deal with. Acne scars? They’re the worse. Luckily we live in a time where technologies have been developed to treat all our skin concerns. Learn more about these treatments here in this fantastic read.

What is a way for you to not have acne scars? Well, prevention is the perfect solution. Once you begin to keep your face and health clean, you’re safe from experiencing a pimple or acne breakout which most of the time leads to acne scars. 

1. Lessen the stress

Lessen the stress


Stress keeps us up at night. Without enough hours of sleep, the skin won’t be able to produce enough collagen fibers. The only time the skin generates collagen and elastin fibers is when we get to the deep phase of sleep, which begins 2-3 hours after we fall asleep. When we cut the hours in our deep sleep, collagen fibers won’t be enough to keep the skin healthy. As this happens, there is a high possibility of acne and pimple breakouts. 

Try to lessen the stress you’ve been carrying by doing some activities that will keep your mind at ease. Such activities can be done outdoors (jogging and biking) and indoors (reading a book or meditating). You can also try attending some dance or yoga classes.

2. Avoid unhealthy foods/drinks

Avoid unhealthy foods


Certain foods and drinks that carry loads of sugar and sodium like candies, cookies, sodas, and pastries can increase the risk of acne and pimple breakouts and even worsen acne scars. This happens because of the high levels of glycemic index found in these food and beverage products. 

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The reason why a lot of people suffer from acne is that most of the food we consume daily are either sugary or salty. Not only does it affects the skin, but it can also be harmful to health. Limit the consumption of the said products and make sure that you are drinking enough glasses of water so the body can flush out all the toxins.

3. Sunscreen is the important

Sunscreen is important


Excessive sun exposure is not healthy for the skin. It causes the development of pigmentations such as freckles and sunspots. Sun damage can also worsen the appearance of acne marks. Oil build up on the face can also happen when you get sunburnt. As this happens, the oil can clog up the pores and trigger the development of acne or pimple. Practice the regular application of sunscreen to avoid this from happening to you.

4. Don’t touch or pop a pimple/acne

Don’t touch or pop a pimple


Dry acne or pimples can be very tempting to pick or pop. But, as tempting as it looks, you should avoid doing so. This only leads to the development of acne scars. Teenagers who are not given enough information about pimples may tend to always pop them. That is usually why acne scars happen. In most cases, acne scars can appear very deep and impossible to treat. The only way to treat such acne scars is to seek help from professionals. Most treatments may be expensive, but results are worth the pay. See the more pimple removal ideas at live enhanced.

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