9 Fall Time Activities to Enjoy During Business Travels

Activities to Enjoy During Business Travels

Here we will go over nine fall time activities for you to enjoy during your corporate travels. 

Autumn is the perfect time to travel, so when you are away for business, you might feel the urge to spend your free time enjoying some fall-themed festivities.

Take full advantage of your trip, do some team building, and have fun with these fall-time activities listed below.

1) Visit a Local Park

Activities to Enjoy During Business Travels

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The hallmark sign that fall has arrived is the color-changing leaves, and one of the best ways to enjoy the season is to enjoy the foliage.

No matter where you travel, you are sure to find a beautiful park nearby. Consider enjoying the scenery by taking a stroll through the park or by renting a bike and following a wooded path.

2) Check Out a Fall Festival

Many small and large cities kick off the fall season by throwing a fair or festival and If you are lucky, you may be near an Oktoberfest.

The annual Oktoberfest is a Barvarian history-themed festival filled with activities, tents, costumes, music, food, and beverages. This popular event makes for a fun-filled day that your entire team can enjoy. The official Oktoberfest is located in Bavaria, Germany, but many big cities throw their own folk fest. 

If you are traveling somewhere that does not have Oktoberfest nearby, the city will likely have an annual fall celebration featuring things like hot chocolate, fair food, farm animals, rides, and activities. 

3) Start Your Holiday Shopping

Activities to Enjoy During Business Travels

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Corporate travel can be lonely, especially when you feel the holidays approaching while away from your family. A great way to enjoy the season and feel close to your loved ones is by starting your holiday shopping. 

Many stores will be putting out their fall or winter merchandise, and shopping for sweaters, blankets and souvenirs will help you feel the holiday spirit and close to your loved ones.

4) Pick Your Own Produce at an Orchard

Depending on where you are traveling, you might have access to a local apple or pumpkin orchard.

At the orchard, you can have fun picking your own produce. After harvesting your apples or pumpkins, you can continue the festivities by baking with them, gifting them to loved ones, or decorating them back in your hotel room.

5) Make a Home Cooked Meal

Activities to Enjoy During Business Travels

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If you enjoy cooking and are lodging in a kitchen or rental equipped with a full kitchen, you can use your free time cooking or baking.

Cooking and eating a warm, home-cooked meal is the perfect feel-good activity to help you enjoy the season. If traveling with a team, invite them over and share your home-cooked dinner with your co-workers. You can get your group the best rates with these industry-insider tips, and everyone can easily come together to enjoy even more fall activities in the hotel.

Additionally, cooking for your team would be a great way to use all of the fresh produce you picked at the local orchard.

6) Take a Local Class

While traveling, consider using your free time to take a local hobby class.

Classes like blanket making, painting, cooking, and candle making allow you to learn something new, get creative, and design some homemade gifts for your loved ones.

7) Go to an Escape Room or Haunted House

If fall time puts you in a spooky mood, you might develop an itch to do something a bit scary.

Activities to Enjoy During Business Travels

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Luckily, most towns start opening haunted houses in mid-September which stay open until shortly after Halloween, and some escape rooms are open year-round. 

Escape rooms have become quite popular over the last few years, making them fairly easy to find. An escape room is a live-action-based game that places a group of individuals in a locked room. You must follow a mystery-themed storyline and use clues to break out of the room.

The entire experience is a great team-building activity to do with your co-workers since it encourages teamwork.

8) Catch a Sports Game

If you are a sports fan, you know that when fall starts, so do many games.

Some popular fall sports are football, baseball, cross country, ice hockey, and soccer, and nearly every city will have many large or small-scale games open to the public.

 Get your co-workers together, bundle up, and have some fun cheering on the local team.

9) Do Some Wine Testing

You can drink wine year-round but since fall time is all about getting cozy and relaxing, attending a tasting feels like a suitable activity for the season.

Wine tastings are commonly held at vineyards and up-scale restaurants, which are perfect locations to hold a business meeting;. Therefore, your team can mix business with pleasure at a tasting, and the entire activity can be categorized as a business expense.

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