10 Best Organic Mattresses That You Need for a Sound and Relaxing Sleep! 

organic mattress

The need for organic materials has soared as we become more conscious of toxins hidden in consumer goods. We, on the other hand, tend to overlook organic mattresses.

But have you ever considered what lurks beneath your mattress? Natural chemicals such as fossil fuels, fire retardants, glue, fragrances, and other chemicals?

Whether you’re concerned about the environment or have allergies, reading the fine print on your mattress is essential to ensure you’re not lying in a lake of chemicals.

But how can you know which organic mattress to get? You’re probably wondering if it’s worth it because they usually come with a larger price tag. We’ll go through some of the greatest organic mattresses in this article. And, we hope this article will help you buy what’s you are precisely looking for! Let’s get started! 

Avocado Green Mattress 

organic mattress

source: mattressnerd.com

The Avocado Green Mattress is the first item on our list. It is one of the best organic mattress you can purchase, and it is GOTS and GOLS recognized so that you can be confident of its excellence and uniqueness.

Organic cotton, wool, latex, and coils are used in this hybrid model. It also features extra edge support to keep it from sinking in at the edges and the second layer of silicone on the bottom for added strength. It is both comfy and sturdy, giving you a sound sleep.

It is, however, somewhat more expensive, but it is unquestionably worth every penny given its comfort and longevity.

Ghost Bed Natural mattresses 

GhostBed makes a variety of beds with varying build and performance characteristics. 

The Natural mattress is a hybrid product created with eco-conscious customers who want a bed manufactured with organic and natural materials. A mattress is also a good option for people who want a bed with a lot of edge support.

The mattress has a 12-inch length and is medium firmness. The supporting core has a nested coil structure with extra coils throughout the periphery, and the foundation is composed of GOLS recognized Dunlop latex for improved stability and longevity.

Because of the coils that run around the outside of the bed, the GhostBed Natural shines in edge support as well.

The bed features an even blend of support and contour, making it excellent for a diverse variety of sleepers and individuals of different weights, although it’s particularly well suited to back sleepers. GhostBed beds come with a 101 days sleep trial and a 25-year warranty.


organic mattress

source: birchliving.com

Birch is offered to you by Helix, a brand that is diverse and gives customers options. The Birch mattress is a natural and eco-friendly mattress. It uses OEKO-TEX recognized Talalay latex and organic cotton for added comfort and softness.

Like many natural latex mattresses, Birch is exceptionally springy and resilient due to the pocketed coil and latex foam combination. However, you won’t slide into the foam; the natural wool fleece atop offers it a more puffy and airy feel.


Zenhaven by Saatva gives you two mattresses at the cost of one.

Natural Talalay latex is used on both sides to provide comfort and support. In comparison to many mattresses that are faded to achieve a uniform look, this certified organic cover provides the sleeper with a more naturalistic appearance. The Talalay method produces latex that enhances ventilation and feels less thick and heavy.

The Zenhaven’s dual-sided design is adaptable. Not only are two options advantageous for anyone who can’t decide, but they’re also advantageous for a bed meant to last a lot longer, such as this one. This bed has a 20-year warranty, and your lifestyle can change dramatically in that time.

Eco terra 

organic mattress

source: oursleepguide.com

The Eco Terra natural latex mattress is a cost-effective and reasonable solution for a wide range of sleepers of various weights and sleeping postures.

The absorbent, eco-friendly materials used in the Eco Terra maintain the bed cool and comfy all year. Another noteworthy point is its edge support.

The Eco Terra is an excellent recommendation because its price is significantly lower than those other average latex hybrids. The mattress comes with a 90-night sleeping trial and even a 15-year warranty.

The Eco Terra delivers great value and many of its rivals, but at this price range, it’s difficult to dismiss the mattress’s long-term worth. If other latex hybrids are too firm for you, the medium alternative should serve you well.

Plush beds natural latex mattress 

This luxurious model comes in nine sizes, four firmness levels, and the option of a mattress either alone or with a pillowtop to enable you create your ideal mattress. 

This organic mattress is spring-free, with sheets of latex all around for pressure reduction, relaxation, and durability, unlike many other organic mattresses that are a combination of latex and coils.

This mattress is GOTS, and GOLS certified, and it has a 100-day trial period. It also curves smoothly without sinking too deeply, giving it “a do not disturb feeling.”

This mattress didn’t have the same “bounce” like a coil mattress, so it’s a decent choice for reducing motion transmission from sleeping companions.


organic mattress

source: pinterest.com

This company aspires to provide a more natural sleep at a lower cost, making it a fantastic deal.

Happsy is made entirely of high-quality organic fibers and has earned accreditation from GREENGUARD Gold and MADE SAFE, two groups with stringent requirements.

You might imagine a high valuation with all those high-end natural fibers, but Happsy is sold at a lower price for a mattress in the eco-friendly marketplace.

Happsy is constantly working to improve its overall product cycle, from raw material acquisition to factory compliance.

We believe its medium stiffness will appeal to a broad range of sleepers, but if you need a bit more relief from pain, the brand also offers a 2-inch latex cushion topper as an option.

My green mattress 

Mattress firms that want to market their product as organic or natural have a high threshold, and their prices generally reflect this. There are numerous hoops to go through from beginning to end in order to ensure that resources are natural and sustainably sourced.

On the other hand, Green Mattress makes all of its mattresses in its own family-owned business so that it can offer organically grown ecologically friendly materials at a lesser cost.

My Natural Escape Green Mattress is 11 inches in diameter and made up of three sheets. The first layer is a sturdy pocketed coil structure, with organic Dunlop latex foam and organic woolen on atop for added comfort.

This mattress comes with 120 day trial period along with 20 years long warranty period as well. 

Nolah Natural mattress 11 

organic mattress

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A mattress that relaxes the shoulders and hips muscles while offering enough resistance in these regions to support healthy posture is ideal for side sleepers. 

The sensitive Talalay latex cushioning system of the Nolah Natural 11 relieves strain in a side sleeper’s bones, while the zoned coil supportive core maintains their posture on an even level.

A ventilated cover comprised of GOTS-certified natural fibers and a humidity wool batting covering just underneath the surface is included in the design.

This mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial, but customers can choose to skip it to save money on their purchase — although they will be ineligible for refunds or returns if they skip it. A lifetime warranty is also included with the Natural 11.

It’s comfortable, adaptive, and airy, and the proper moderate firm texture will cater to anyone seeking a balance of soft and firm.

Nest bedding 

Nest bedding is the next item on our list, and it’s perfect for couples. It uses a combination of natural latex and coils to offer bouncy, temperature control, and pressure-relieving pleasure on both ends, which can be adjusted to Moderate or Firm on both edges.

Wool, organically grown cotton, and 3 inches of OEKO-TEX approved Dunlop latex make up the top covering. The 6-inch pocketed coils provide excellent edge-to-edge stability in the center and on the edges, which is ideal for couples who need to enhance their space.

Couples who care about the environment will appreciate the divided comfort of this hybrid, which allows each partner to choose their firmness level.

Nest Bedding offers an Entire Comfort Assurance in addition to a long sleep trial and warranty as well. You can return or replace it for a full refund within the first 365 nights. The initial buyer can then swap the bedding for 30% off the present retail value for a fresh one.

To conclude 

organic mattress

source: shopmarriott.com

So, I guess I have covered everything about the best organic mattress available in the market. I hope this article has helped you find suitable mattresses for you

When it comes to bed shopping, we usually prioritize comfort over everything else, but we should also consider what’s inside our mattresses. 

While a natural mattress will cost higher, it may be worth it for our health in the future. Furthermore, because these beds are frequently more lasting, you may end yourself saving money in the long term!

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