5 Signs That It’s Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

remodel your bathroom

Owning your own home is one of the biggest life goals for most ordinary folks. You scrimp and save for a deposit, find a suitable home, and then find yourself settling into all the perks and persnickety things that accompany the privilege of home ownership. Then, you focus on paying off your mortgage, and just getting acquainted with the realities of your new life.

As a home is the most significant investment that most people will make in their lives, it makes sense to want to enjoy living in it. That’s why people renovate and remodel their houses. After all, if you’re not comfortable at home, where can you be comfortable? 

Remodelling or renovating is a big job that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, however, and as such, it’s not a decision to rush into. If any particular room in your home is in dire need of upgrades, however, then that decision may very well be a no-brainer.

In this article, we’ll share five signs that it may be time to remodel your bathroom. So read this before you head to the Cooke & Bathe store and start shopping for a new bath and shower.

Your Bathroom is Stuck in a Prior Decade

remodel your bathroom

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If your bathroom has not been updated since the house was built however many decades ago, it is a sure sign that it is overdue for a spruce up. Out of date, basins, showerheads, baths, faucets and tiling won’t just be detrimental to your living experience at home, nor will it negatively impact the value of your property, but these outdated fixtures may also greatly affect the overall carbon footprint or water/energy efficiency of your home, resulting in higher utility bills too.

An outdated bathroom is also particularly jarring to the senses if other home areas have had a modern makeover. For instance, if you walk from a modern kitchen down the hall to a bathroom stuck in the 70s or 80s, you will feel a sense of shock. 

If any of this sounds familiar to you, we highly recommend that you get cracking on your bathroom remodel. 

There Is Black Mould

remodel your bathroom

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Black mould is caused by trapped moisture or leaks, and can appear on the ceiling, floor, walls, skirting boards, and ceiling cornices of your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry spaces in particular. It is very obvious to spot, as it is a mottled, black substance that stains the area it is infesting. 

This problematic substance occurs due to trapped moisture or leaks, either in the shower, bath or plumbing in the walls or beneath the floor. It is incredibly harmful to your health, as the microscopic spores can be inhaled and cause severe respiratory illness. 

If there is any black mould in your bathroom or other interior spaces, you should absolutely renovate these areas in order to fix the leak and remove this highly damaging household health concern.

There Are Layout Issues

remodel your bathroom

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It is absolutely time to consider a makeover if your bathroom has a weird or impractical layout. For instance, the shower might be contained within the bath, which is annoying if you want your kids to have a bath while you shower. Or, there might be a toilet in the bathroom rather than a separate powder room. This may be a major pain for some families who prefer peace and quiet in the bathroom, rather than having to deal with the stresses of occupying that space for too long while someone else is waiting for the toilet.

A renovation can be the ticket to a better layout in these cases. You can separate the shower and bath and install a powder room, so that the bathroom is comfortably toilet free. 

If Your Family Grows

A smaller bathroom is fine for small families, single occupants, or younger couples. But as your life stages change and you find a partner or have children, you may find that your small bathroom is suddenly feeling awfully crowded.

What happens if four or five people need to get ready each morning – for work or school? That’s a lot of waiting for your turn to brush your teeth, dry your hair, and have a shower. A larger bathroom will enable more people to use it simultaneously, which is naturally, far more convenient for a larger family. 

There is Not Enough Cabinet Space

remodel your bathroom

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If your bathroom has little to no cabinet space, you may consider a partial renovation to add more cabinets. You definitely need storage space in your bathroom – to store toiletries, hygiene appliances such as hairdryers and straighteners/curlers, first aid supplies, medicine, and all the other bits and bobs that may make up your medicine or toiletries storage. 

Adding additional cabinets to a bathroom is a minor job that won’t necessarily break the bank, especially since no tiling or plumbing work is typically required for this type of job. Often you can mount a cabinet on the wall or remove existing cabinets to replace them with larger models without the need for professional installation services. 

A Bathroom Conversion Conclusion

In this handy article, we’ve covered five signs that it is time to remodel your bathroom. If any of these five apply to you, then you have our full permission to create the bathroom of your dreams. Get to work on your design plans and find all the fixtures, fittings, and build materials that you’ll need to create a luxurious, modern bathroom space that the whole family will be sure to enjoy.

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