Make Fishing with Children More Enjoyable 

Make Fishing with Children More Enjoyable 

There is no way of getting back to nature than a family fishing trip, and this can include children of most ages. 

Memories garnered from these times can last a lifetime. So if you introduce your children to fishing the correct way, it will be something they will grow to enjoy for many years to come.

To make sure the introduction to fishing is the most enjoyable for your children, here are five tips that will help make the first few fishing trips a fun and memorable occasion for everyone.

Keeping it Short 

Make Fishing with Children More Enjoyable 


Although many fishing trips last most of the day, children won’t stand for this and will become bored quickly. 

You should arrange a trip which lasts no more than half a day, and in this, you should include breaks which fall around each hour.

Kids tend to lose concentration after an hour, so if they wish to wander off and explore or throw stones in the water somewhere else, you should encourage them to do so. 

Child-Friendly Fishing Gear

Many fishing rod manufacturers build large tackle boxes and rod kits, especially children. 

Before actually going fishing, you should include your child in the buying stage so they can choose their own suitable gear. Then, you can make it their responsibility to take care of it once they have chosen. 

You could also consider buying an empty tackle box and letting them choose their own fishing gear, and at the same time, you can explain the function of each item.

That Perfect Location

Make Fishing with Children More Enjoyable 


Children seek immediate results, and fishing will be no different. If you have the chance to visit a well-stocked lake where you are almost guaranteed to catch fish, then this is where you should head on the first occasion.

Areas that are not overcrowded are also recommended because your child can become a nuisance to other anglers, or they will feel intimidated by everyone watching what they are doing.

Live bait is also the best to use in this early stage, so you can lure the fish closer to yourself and increase your child’s chances of catching a fish.


When most adults are content with a couple of sandwiches at lunchtime. A child will be looking for that little bit extra. 

You can pack a picnic lunch with a few of their favorite morsels. This way, they will connect, enjoying a few of their favorite snacks with a fun fishing trip.

Relaxing and Having Fun

Make Fishing with Children More Enjoyable 


Fishing is relaxing, and this is something you need to get your children to understand. There is no competition between anglers, although you can have side games with your children, and who can catch the highest number of fish. 

This can pique their competitive nature and make them concentrate for an extra few minutes.

Bait and Floats

Some children might not take to live bait being threaded on their hook. However, you can get your children to search under rocks and stones for their own worms to use. 

This is straightforward and can keep their minds occupied while still thinking of their fishing.

Floats are also ideal to use rather than spinners. If your child can see the fish feeding on their bait, they are more inclined to be excited at the chance of catching a fish.

Hitting the water

Make Fishing with Children More Enjoyable 


Unless your children are at the right age, it is advisable not to take a child out on a boat to fish. They will feel cramped and quickly wish they were back onshore. However, if your child is older and more of the adventurous type. 

You can either hire or purchase a two-person kayak. These are a great way of adding a new spin on fishing and can also get your child interested in kayaking which can be another great way to connect with nature.

Being Prepared

If you are taking your child fishing, there is no use just heading off with your fishing rods and hitting a lake of the river. A little more preparation is required to keep things safe and enjoyable.

You should take plenty of drinking water because kids can get thirsty after running around. You should also stock up on sunscreen, insect repellent, and such things as a baby wipe to make sure they are clean before eating their picnic lunch. 

A few surprise snacks are always welcome, and it is even better if these aren’t allowed at home.

A change of clothes and maybe a warm blanket can be included if it rains or they get tired and fancy a nap. 

One final thing to take is the camera because when your child begins catching fish, no matter how big it is, they’ll want to document it for everyone to see.

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