5 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day at Church

Many of us consider our fathers to be our heroes. They stand by us when times are tough, give the right advice when we need it, and are always ready with a joke to lighten the mood. 

Father’s day can be a tricky holiday for some who may be struggling with the absence of a father figure, or trying to step into the role without experience or support. 

This is why it’s important to recognize the good fathers in our community and support them in their endeavours to be there for their children. And what better way to celebrate the fathers of the community than through yourchurch?

Here are some ideas on Live Enhanced for how you can celebrate Fathers Day in your local church.

Use social media hashtags to spread the word

Celebrate Father's Day at Church

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Plan out this Father’s Day event in style by promoting the idea on social media. One great way to do this is to create a special hashtag that is relevant to the church’s locality. Take your church’s name and add the words “Father’s Day” to create a catchy hashtag. Here are some examples of hashtags you can use as inspiration.

  1. #FathersDayCrossChurch
  2. #FBCMiltonDads
  3. #FathersOfStMatthews

Ask church members to use this hashtag in all posts related to Father’s Day up until the day of the actual event. Encourage community members to showcase images and videos with their fathers by using this hashtag and create a slideshow to play at the event as a memorable activity. 

Host a special Father’s Day prayer

Celebrate Father's Day at Church

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The best way to honor fathers in a church is, of course, through prayer. Host a special prayer for all active fathers to acknowledge them for their hard work and love. In this prayer, make sure to include those who are struggling with fatherhood in any way. 

A few uplifting words of encouragement through a prayer can help show your father and other paternal figures how much they’re appreciated in the community and encourage those who are struggling to be better father figures. 

Preach a sermon dedicated to all the dads 

Celebrate Father's Day at Church

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Plan out and preach a sermon specifically dedicated to the dads in your church to honor them as fathers and commend them on their efforts and their journey. 

Don’t just limit it to the great dads. Acknowledge those who have mixed feelings about their fathers, or those who are struggling to fill the role. Phrase the sermon to remind your audience that everyone present is a child of God, and that He can be looked upon as the paternal figure we need. 

Invite community members through eye-catching invitation posters

Father’s Day posters

You’ve planned out the event and promoted it on social media, but you still need to make sure to invite all members of the community. This includes those who don’t follow Instagram hashtags and prefer traditional invites. 

Pinpoint places in your community that have high footfall and create a set of eye-catching Father’s Day posters and invites to put up. An ideal Father’s Day invite should have your church’s details in bold so they can’t be missed. Add in important contact information as well as your dedicated Father’s Day hashtag. Throw in an image of a father and child to make your posters more engaging and attractive to the community. With online design tools like PosterMyWall, you can get access to a range of free templates to customize according to your needs. 

Target grocery stores, cafes, newsstands, and other places that fall within the church’s locale. You can even have your poster invites sent out with the morning newspaper so that it reaches those who may be too old to leave the house often. 

Do more with less by resizing your poster and posting it on the church’s social media for greater reach. With a few more edits, these posters can also decorate the walls of the church during the event day itself to truly make Fathers Day feel special. 

Involve the kids

Celebrate Father's Day at Church

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What’s Father’s Day without the kids? Get the kids involved in your event activities to make them more endearing and interactive. 

One fun idea would be to ask all the children to dress up like their fathers at the event. Kids could use the opportunity to dress up as their father’s profession. This could be turned into a fun contest where the winning child and their father gets a fun treat at the end of the event. 

Another fun activity could be asking children to come up to the podium and share some of their most heartfelt stories with their dads. This would not only serve as a great way to appreciate all the dads in attendance, but would look absolutely adorable as well. After all, who doesn’t love to hear kids telling heartwarming stories?

Final thoughts

Father’s Day is a special event, not just for those who are directly fathers. It means a lot to the spiritual dads, grandpas, brothers, uncles, and all those who try to fit into a paternal role for the children they love. And that’s exactly why these paternal figures deserve to be celebrated. 

Use these fun ideas to host a meaningful Father’s Day event at your church and play your part in honoring the amazing father figures in your community.  

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