Are Exam Dumps Constructive or Destructive?

CCNA Cyber Ops: The Gateway to Cybersecurity Expertise

Almost half of our lives are interrelated with social media apps, communication platforms, mobile banking, and a lot more. As these virtual perks endlessly emerge, so as the risks accompanied to it. The current generation is outlined with an increasing number of security threats and breaches. Accordingly, knowledge of cybersecurity is highly important now than ever.


And the sector assigned to combat these security issues is cyber operations. This key interdisciplinary department deals with the entirety of cyber operations, either technical or non-technical concerns. For those who want to venture into this exciting field of information technology, the most recommended certification path to take is no other than the Cisco’s very own CCNA Cyber Ops. This top-rated credential plays a critical role in supplying you with the needed skills required by organizations today. And all you need to earn this CCNA badge is to pass two exams: 200-125 and 300-410 ENARSI.

As you prepare for a grueling certification exam, there’s a higher chance of you trying all sorts of prep materials. From online courses to exam dumps, let’s have a discussion of these resources and decide if these are really beneficial for your learning. But before we go into detail, it’s important to know everything about your preferred certification program.


Exam 200-125: First Stage of Your CCNA Certification Journey through Exam 200-125

CCNA Cyber Ops gives you a deep-seated background of the cybersecurity domain. It introduces you to the existential issues that may arise because of these cyber breaches. Consequently, it provides you with the right skills in preventing threats and fixing the results of these attacks. This curriculum, in particular, prepares you for a more technical side of security administration.

Though there are no formal prerequisites, it’s best to equip yourself first with a CCENT credential or an equivalent working experience. For you to accomplish this imperative security certification, you have to clear its two exams.  The first assessment is the Cisco exam 200-125, which deals with your knowledge of cybersecurity fundamentals. This is where you’ll learn about the vital security and network terminologies, including host-based analysis, cryptography, attack methods, and more.

There are at least 55 to 65 questions provided to check your exam 200-125 proficiency. And, you are given 1 hour and 30 minutes to answer all these questions. Once completed and passed this test, you can then proceed to the second phase of the certification, which is exam 210-255.


Aside from knowing the main exam contents, it’s also important to have an idea of the validity of these tests. Both current CCNA Cyber Ops exams are only valid up to May 28, 2020. It’s because a new Cisco certification through CBROPS exam 200-201 will be released to replace the current credential. This new certification is a consolidated assessment of your skills, so instead of taking two assessments, you will need to take only one.

But if you have started with the current certification exams, relax because you can still prepare for it without any interruption. Just make sure to clear the two tests before the retirement date so you secure your CyberOps Associate accreditation.

The Pros and Cons of Using Exams Dumps for Your Certification Exam

Adding exam dumps to your exam preparation is impactful. But if it’s your first time using these materials, you might be clouded with lots of questions. Are these really useful? Will it help me pass my test? Are these worth my monetary investment? All these questions will be answered below.

  • Advantage of using dumps


Dumps act as practice tests. Consequently, what you’ll be utilizing here are questions with answers. But unlike traditional practice tests, the dumps are more interactive. It’s because these work using an exam simulator. This means that when you answer the dumps, you are like answering the real Cisco certification exam, seeing its structure, probable tasks and adapting to the timing.

Another great thing about these materials is that these files are no ordinary recourses. They are collected from real exam passers who have taken the test. Therefore, exam dumps are collections of authentic exam questions & answers verified by professionals from all over the world. Lastly, these materials polish your test mastery so you won’t miss any crucial exam information.

  • Disadvantage of using dumps


Actually, exam dumps do not come with innate disadvantages. Hence, they are truly constructive and not destructive. The only downside is when you restrict yourself from other exam materials and you solely focus on using these resources. That is a big no-no because the dumps, in the first place, are only practice tests. Thus, you only have to use them once you have maximized all the official Cisco training courses and sample questions that you’ve found useful. Always start with Cisco online courses, along with some books and videos, so you’ll have a comprehensive grasp of the exam objectives and so your use of the braindumps will be more productive.

A Top-Notch Provider of Cisco Exam Dumps and More


If you’re considering adding dumps to your exam 200-125 training, make sure you choose the best exam dumps, provider. And of course, when it comes to first-class materials, you’ll have on the priority lane. This well-known site comes in handy for the first-time exam dumps users because they provide a series of free vce files.

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On top of that, they also got a premium bundle. Regarding the 200-125 exam, you can get this one for $34,99 and for this price you’ll obtain the most updated and expert-proven exam questions and answers, and a training course with 40 lectures. What is more, availing their premium subscription gives you several perks, from unlimited access of premium VCE files to fast & free dumps update.



Cybersecurity threats and attacks are growing year by year. Accordingly, Cisco is updating and intensifying its cybersecurity certification program to ensure that businesses and organizations are well-secured. And if you want to be a cybersecurity asset to companies, you won’t go wrong with the CCNA Cyber Ops. So, stop burning daylight — schedule your exams before they retire, boost your preparation with trusted dumps from Prepaway and move your cybersecurity career to a new level. See more Constructive or Destructive exam dumps at LiveEnhanced.

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