10 Best Programming & Coding App Apple And Google Want Kids To Learn

programming application for kid

It’s never too early to start coding! That’s what Apple and Google want to preach, at least. It takes a lot of effort to make coding interesting. Apple and Google both have specialized applications and services that assist children in learning to program. Google thinks that every student deserves the opportunity to explore, grow, and achieve in computer science, whereas Apple believes that “everyone can code.” So, here Live Enhanced explore a list of ten apps that children can use to understand basic and advanced coding.


programming application for kid

source: commonsense.org

Kodable is designed for kids aged 4 to 10. It includes age-appropriate games and activities that take them from thinking like a programmer to writing real code using its proprietary, built-for-kids coding language. From zero to JavaScript, the app teaches kids all they need to know about computer science. It is free to use and includes in-app purchase subscriptions beginning at Rs 519 per month.

Cloud Stop Motion

programming application for kid

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Cloud Stop Motion allows children to control animations on a zoomable, scrollable timeline. Before creating an MP4 video, sound effects, music, titles, credits, and speech bubbles can be added. This software has a large collection of sounds, backdrops, and styles, ideal for students and parents.

codeSpark Academy

programming application for kid

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Parents can supervise codeSpark Academy’s interactive learning activities, which include puzzles, games, step-by-step creative projects, game creation, and offline printouts. It’s totally free app on play store.


programming application for kid

source: businesswire.com

This software is a simple yet powerful online coding tool, according to Google. It’s ideal for first-time coders, but it also scales to meet the demands of teachers and seasoned programmers. Replit works on any device, even Chromebooks, and supports all programming languages, including Python, Java, Javascript Plus HTML/CSS, and C/C++.


programming application for kid

source: medium.com

Codecademy is an interesting, flexible, and accessible approach for anybody to learn to code online, allowing them to obtain employability skills and build something useful with technology. Hundreds of courses in web development and data science, as well as popular languages like Python, CSS, and JavaScript, are available.

Tinker Blocks

programming application for kid

source: blogspot.com

Girls and boys aged six and above can use this coding software. Tinkerblocks introduces children to coding with a basic, tactile programming language. Certain concepts such as Commands, Parameters, Functions, Loops, Conditions, Types, and how to resolve bugs, according to the creators, are contained inside the program. It costs Rs 269 to buy the app.


programming application for kid

source: slashgear.com

Grasshopper is a JavaScript coding tool for beginners that utilizes games to teach them how to code. Learners may improve their coding skills by progressing through increasingly difficult levels.

Swift Playgrounds

programming application for kid

source: developer.apple.com

Swift is an Apple-developed programming language that professionals use to construct many of today’s most popular apps. This app has Apple-created courses that walk you through the fundamentals of programming by solving challenges using code. This slightly complex software is only available for iPad and is intended for children above 12.

Tynker Jr

programming application for kid

source: tynker.com

According to Google, the app is ideal for children who are just starting to read. By connecting image blocks to move their characters, children aged 5-7 may learn coding principles.

Scratch Jr

programming application for kid

source: schudio.com

According to Google, the app is designed specifically for younger students. Scratch Jr is a programming language that teaches children to the program by allowing them to create their interactive tales and games.

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