20 Blonde Hair Colors Ideas – Blonde Hair Color Guide

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Going Blonde is a dream for most of the ladies whether it is going completely blonde or sprucing up the already blonde hair. Here is full guidance for blonde hair and blonde hair trends for 2020 at Live Enhanced.

1. Dark Blonde Hair Color


source: pophaircuts.com

If you have medium to the fair complexion, you must try this dark blonde shade. This will make you effortlessly gorgeous and also give a natural touch to the hair.

2. Blonde Highlights

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Blonde highlights will provide texture and make the hair feel bouncy and will also add dimension to the hair. This classic style will help you rock any look you want.  

3. Honey Blonde Hair Color

source: pinterest.com

This honey blonde will seem like the combination of the sophisticated hues and will give a cute look to the face. Also, this color works best with long as well as short hair.

4. Light Blonde Hair Color

source: avantgardesalonandspa.com

Light blonde hair color goes well with almost all complexions and uplifts the overall look in an effortless way. Adding soft curls to the style will make the hair look healthy and thick.

5. Golden Blonde Hair

source: htpinterest.es

The golden blonde color will provide a natural look but with a diva twist with a perfect mixture of gold and warm honey tones. This can go well with particularly warm and darker complexions.

6. Caramel Blonde

source: pinterest.es

This reddish-blonde hair color is warmest and the sweetest. Subtle blonde babylights makes this an ideal choice for those having lighter skin tone and beautiful green or blue eyes.

7.Medium Blonde Hair

source: avantgardesalonandspa.com

Medium blonde is the perfect choice for those who do not want to go completely blonde but prefer to have all the perks and looks provided by the blonde locks. This low maintenance blonde deserves a try!   

8. Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

source: pinterest.com

For naturally warm colored hair, this color is the best option to go for. This color will make all eyes turn towards you with its bold and classic appeal.

9. Sandy Blonde Hair

source: healtreatcure.org

The beige hues in this color make it a great choice for the women with fair or cool-toned complexion. This color provides a soft, subtle, and natural look to your face.

10. Medium Ash Blonde

source: healtreatcure.org

For women with fair to medium complexion, medium ash blonde is an absolute classic choice, especially in winters. It provides a cool edge to the overall look making it absolutely appropriate.  

11. Blonde Hair With Highlights

source: pinterest.com

If you are naturally blonde, well, you are blessed. But you can step up the game by having warm and cool-toned highlights to it and add some more texture to the hair.  

12. Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

source: pophaircuts.com

For the beginners and for those who don’t want to go completely blonde and take a risk, just some streaks of blonde is a way to go.

13. Perfect Blonde Hair

source: healtreatcure.org

For the hairs that are already having a lighter tone, perfectly blonde hair makes the best option.  This also gives a great summery vibe when mixed with baby blonde hues.

14. Cool Blonde Hair

source: southernliving.com

Don’t be afraid to try something new as this cool and light blonde hair will result in a completely gorgeous look. Keep the color vibrant and long-lasting as this color is not for meek.

15. Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color

source: pophaircuts.com

Ladies with cooler undertones, dark ash blonde is a god sent for you. This makes a top choice for your list but take care to keep enough depth for not looking washed out.  

16. Dishwater Blonde

source: dhgate.com

If you want a don’t-try-too-hard vibe, this ash blonde range of color is the best one to go for. To make it look at its best, get a beach wave haircut and let these loose babies fly boldly.  

17. Bright Blonde Hair

source: southernliving.com

Bright blonde is the classic color to go for and having a plain gorgeous and glamorous look. This color works well for all the complexion bot works exceptionally well for those having lighter eyes.

18. Caramel Blonde Highlights

source: marieclaire.com

Highlights are the best choice for adding some drama and texture to the hair. Caramel blonde highlights work well when paired with hair having a chocolate brown base.

19.Brown Blonde Hair Color

hair blonde color ideas

source: dhgate.com

Brown blonde is a perfect choice for those having olive tones as it complements the hue of the complexion. Also, this won’t need many efforts to update when the roots grow out. 

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