Christmas Office Party Ideas: Have a Merry Time!

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Christmas is finally reaching! Have you decided how you will spend the most anticipated holiday of the year with your workmates? As we all know, Christmas is a holiday that everyone looks forward to, from youngsters to retirees. Fortunately, that day is here. So let’s take a break from the hectic 9 to 5 workday and spread some festive cheer throughout the office. Take a look at the following Christmas office party ideas to wave goodbye to tricky times.

Time to Host the Perfect Christmas Office Party: 

To host a successful Christmas office party, you need to know the following:

– Select a theme

– Decorate the office/venue as per following theme

– Select the date & time

– Set the budget accordingly

– Get involved in fun and exciting Christmas office party activities

Christmas Office Party: Games & Activities Edition!

It can be difficult to come up with the perfect Christmas office party ideas, so employ this list as a source of reward! Give your coworkers an evening to remember that goes far beyond the normal office parties and gatherings

All Time Fav Secret Santa

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Not sure where to start? One of the most enjoyable christmas office activity for employees is secret santa. One activity that is always sure to make the office feel festive is prepare some basic paper chits and place them in a large bowl. As you pass the bowl around, each person will pull out a chit. Then  participants will buy gifts for the person whose name they receive and no one will reveal who’s name is in there. Let the to-be winner guess!

Ginger Bread Decoration Competition

Who doesn’t love gingerbread? In fact, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without it, so here are some Building a gingerbread house adds nostalgia and playfulness to the party, so raise the stakes by hosting a lively company-wide competition! Colleagues are invited to display their most delicious and colourful gingerbread houses, loaded with decorations.  Ask the group to vote for their favourites, or create different categories, such as funniest, best-looking, and most inventive decorations.

Blind Drawing

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It’s not a special game or activity for the Christmas office party. However, it’s undeniable that blind drawing presents challenges for falsified artists and prompts audience to LOL, making it a blindingly fun-filled bundle. You’ll need to supply paper, writing supplies, and images for this game. Teams of two employees will be formed. The two teammates will be seated back to back across from one another. The one will utilise the paper and writing tools, and the other will hold onto a photo that is either printed or stored on their phone.

Two Truths & One Lie

One of the fun activities at the office is playing a game that enables your employees to get to know one another. Such games will ensure that your employees get to learn the truth about one another. To start, you’ll need to gather around in circle. Instead, they will get to learn new things about each other. Next, each employee will start by saying three things about themselves where two statements are true and the other is a lie. Well there’s no any winner or loser in such games but we can consider winner who guesses what’s the false statement. 

Secret Desk Decorator

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Just like aforementioned christmas office party activity; Secret Santa, we can consider this same to secret desk decorator but sorry here’s not about gift well you can include that feature too, if you want but first understand what is now “secret desk decorator” its a game where you’ve to make chits for all employes & throw in the bowl, next pass-on, pick out the chit same as you did with secret santa now the twist is instead of giving gift here the person have to decorate the given person’s desk. That’s perfect way to add christmas spirits in office!

Holiday Movie Christmas Eve

Christmas is incomplete without christmas holiday movie, agreed right! Don’t get yourself a time for decorating office, no energy to participate in christmas activities & games, unable to find best christmas office party idea; so, why not host a holiday movie christmas office party accompanied with giant tub of flavorful popcorn & christmassy mug of hot chocolate; sounds the perfect christmas office party ideas. In optional; failed to decide what to binge on, let every employee write their favorite movie in chit & tell them to throw in bowl & then one person will pick the chit, whatever movie was written, everyone will watch. 

Guess the Christmas Song

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Guessing games are one of the best game to play with group whether its christmas activities for family/friends or christmas activities for office family such guessing games like guess the movie, guess the song, guess who are the star of the party. So here’s the christmassy version of guessing game ideal for christmas office party. Here’s how the game begans, play the instrumental version of the song person will guess & sing along with it, the person who guess more rights will be announced as winner.

Christmas Trivia Games

Another amazing office party game is holiday trivia, in which you split employees into teams and ask them holiday season-based questions. The categories can vary from food to movies, traditions, and mythology. Each team should be given a bell or buzzer, and the team giving the quickest correct answers wins. 

Benefits of Hosting Christmas office Party:

Hosting a christmas office party can…

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Build team morale
  • Relieve workplace stress
  • Appreciate and reward employees
  • Improve employee retention and encourage loyalty
  • Create new relationships and strengthen existing ones
  • Create team-building activities and many more

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