Christmas Party Theme Ideas You Have Never Assumed Before!

Christmas Party Theme Ideas

There’s no perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit other than with a festive get-together. Christmas is more than just a season for exchanging gifts. It’s an opportunity to reunite with the people you care about most and make memories that will endure well into the next year.

Before you begin putting together your guest list for this year’s holiday party, come up with a few unique party theme ideas that will thrill and delight your guests. If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve compiled a list of our best Christmas party theme ideas. You’ll discover the ideal party theme for your holiday season, from classy soirees to fun Christmas activities for the kids & family.

Throw a 2021 Christmas party that your partygoers will never forget:

Christmas Party Theme Ideas


When you plan to host the party might have an impact on the theme you pick. Some types are better suited to evening events, while others are better suited to early-noon gatherings. Many Christmas party theme ideas are suitable enough to be ideal for both day and night.

Make your guest list and double-check it since you want to ensure that you choose a favorite theme that will be a surefire blow! Some holiday season themes are best suited for grownups events, while others are best suited for the kids and young ones. Happy Planning!

Floral Organizer

Christmas Party Theme Ideas


If you want a party theme that both serves as an activity and a favor, a flower arrangement is a great choice! Make some sparkling punch and set up a framework for your own flower bouquet table with your pals for a girl’s night! This is a wonderful party theme for a wedding shower or a birthday.

Party On-Road

Take your Christmas party on the streets to see all of your town’s seasonal holiday lights. Invite a couple more families, create a map, and distribute it along with a meeting time and directions. Drive in a caravan and don’t forget to turn up the Christmas music! End the evening with hot chocolate in your driveway. It’s a great way to spread festive happiness without endangering anyone during the epidemic.

Wine Tasting

Christmas Party Theme Ideas


What could be better than sharing snacks and wine with your closest friends beneath the stars? Wine tastings are a fantastic party theme option for your best friends. There is time to relax and catch up, but there are also fun Christmas games for youngsters to keep things interesting!

High-Tea Party

There’s something enchanting about a Victorian Christmas, a rosy remembrance of simpler times. Bring out the nicest china and cloth napkins to host a traditional Christmas tea party. In elegant cups with saucers, serve Christmas petit birdies and cookies with mint tea or hot cocoa. You may either give or invite visitors to bring (or craft!) their own festive hats. 

Christmas Karaoke

Christmas Party Theme Ideas


Grab a karaoke machine or go to a karaoke club and shout out your favorite Christmas tunes. Try to figure out which of your friends can croon or reach high octaves. If you have a portable karaoke machine, go door-to-door in your area to spread Christmas happiness for everyone to hear.

Pajama Party

Encourage guests to arrive in their favorite comfortable pajamas on your invitation. Everyone is welcome in anything from long johns to cute PJs to nightgowns! Make your living area into a comfortable lounge by stacking Snuggies, blankets, and pillows everywhere. Put on your favorite Christmas specials and start the fireplace. Make your pajama party more memorable by toasting marshmallows over the fire and providing a hot chocolate bar. Along with the hot chocolate, serve marshmallows, chocolate and caramel syrups, cinnamon, pine sticks. This party is also suitable for a children’s sleepover!

Letter For Sant

Christmas Party Theme Ideas


A lovely idea for a kid’s party! Collect all of the children to write letters to Santa! Serve Christmas season cookies while they meticulously write their lists, and then provide markers, sparkles, and other craft supplies for them to decorate their cards. Before bringing each child home, finish the celebration by stamping the letters and mailing them to the local post office.

Xmas Tree

Another fantastic event, especially as a fundraiser. Allow local florists and artists to adorn trees for the occasion, which will then be auctioned off. You make money while having a wonderful time. Consider small Christmas tree centerpieces, such as a tree with mini wrapped gifts instead of decorations.

Classic White Theme

Christmas Party Theme Ideas


No matter where you reside, you may create your own picture of a white Christmas by beautifying your home in a sparkling-white snow motif, inviting visitors to wear in all white, and providing a buffet of white delicacies. White chocolate raspberry mousse with salted popcorn satisfies both sweet and salty desires. If you enjoy vintage movies, you should watch White Christmas. Check out these warm-and-fuzzy Christmas greetings to brighten your day.

Movie Night

Organize a Christmas moviegoing party, either in person or online. This will thrill both young and elderly viewers and has become a new family ritual for many. Feeling more conventional and old-school? You won’t be disappointed with any of the millions of best Christmas movies list. Play the show, invite folks to dress up as their favorite character, and serve Christmas holiday popcorn. Plus point: If you’re attempting to be socially distant this year, you can easily transfer this party online! Use Netflix Party to watch it online with your friends and discuss it. Alternatively, take cues from the best Christmas movies.

Ginger Bread  

Christmas Party Theme Ideas


Decorating gingerbread homes is enjoyable for adults and children and is simple to assemble if you need a last-minute suggestion. You can either make your own gingerbread houses or purchase pre-made gingerbread home kits. The most straightforward option, though, is to utilize graham crackers.

Make sure you have enough frosting and a variety of sweets on hand. Prizes can be given for things like “most imaginative,” “most Festive,” or “most delicious.” Decorate them at home and share your creations online to make them a virtual experience.

Christmas With Pets

Pets also deserve some holiday cheer too! Gather your pup’s best furry buddies and their parents invite them over for food and an outside frolic. Encourage visitors to wear their favorite Christmas sweater, then hand them back with red and green tennis balls and an advent calendar created specifically for dogs or cats. 

Times For Cocktails

Organize a Christmas happy hour and celebrate the season with a warm and comfortable mug of eggnog, a glass of flavored wine, hot cider, or a Christmas specialty drink. Consider serving beverages to your friends and relatives.

Ugly Sweater Party

Purchase a hideous Christmas sweater and have your visitors do the same. Decorations should also be as goofy as possible. Play the worst Christmas songs you can find.  Finish the celebration with an Ugly Sweater Runway Contest in which friends and relatives vote on the worst sweater, and remember to snap photos! They will be invaluable!

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