20 Best Horror Movies You Should Watch This Halloween Season!

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October is almost here, which implies you can finally pull out your favorite Halloween favorites – if you haven’t already! 

It can be difficult to squeeze all of your favorite movies in between courses and Halloween weekend parties, so we’ve compiled a best Halloween movie guide for you to binge-watch.

You’ll be able to keep up with the best spooks and memories that Halloween has to give this Halloween season. So get a big dish of your favorite treat and get ready to watch!

We’ve covered everything from vintage horror films to family-friendly animations, new horror films, and the finest kids Halloween movie guide in this article.

These Halloween mysteries, slashers, comedies, and animation flicks are available for streaming on Prime Video, Netflix, Disney, and Hulu.

Here’s 20 best horror movie to watch this Halloween 2021. 
  • Teen witch

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In high school, I was a huge fan of this film. It’s a lot of fun. This one is perhaps off-topic for smaller students, but it’s entertaining for junior high and up. It’s about a girl who aspires to be famous.

She meets a woman who may be able to help her realize her aspirations, but things may not go as planned.

  • 13 sins

I’ve never heard anyone mention this one, but it’s actually rather nice. Desperate for cash, a debt-ridden salesperson enters a game and wins a huge amount of money. More money arrives with each effort, but the job becomes more weird and frightening. Will he be able to complete the game?

  • Coraline

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source: cloudfront.net

Coraline is a scary, nerve-wracking movie about family and home but is also one of the most wonderful stories about family and home ever written. The brilliant decision to make the film in claymation provided a depth of horror artistry that would not have been possible with a live-action ensemble.

  • A quiet place

Despite being one of the more terrifying films, A Quiet Place wins a good spot on this list because to its innovative screenplay and extremely brilliant ensemble. In addition, this film is a masterclass in leveraging stress to your advantage, capitalizing on times of anxiety to heighten the viewer’s terror.

  • The Addams family

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source: jta.org

With macabre interest, this film follows an affluent family. This film should be on the bucket list of any horror movie enthusiast. 

The con artists in this film plan to defraud an eccentric family by enlisting the help of an accomplice who purports to be their long-lost uncle. It’s a timeless classic with a humorous touch. It’s also ideal for a family night.

  • Casper

Casper, the pleasant ghost, have you heard of him?! She and her dad go on an excursion to a new home to clear the premises of bad spirits where ghosts are living. When his father, an afterlife therapist, and his daughter move into a deteriorating house, they meet a charming young ghost. Sounds interesting, right?

  • Happy death

While the title may suggest dread, the terrifying aspect of this picture is the eerie face of the baby-faced murderer who embarks on an unending killing spree of one, Tree Gelbman, who in turn begins searching for the source of her eternal suffering. 

 It is a fantastic parody of the Final Girl horror genre that hits the pinnacle of comedy and is sure to make you giggle.

  • Hocus pocus

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source: pinterest.com

A curious teenager arrives in Salem and attempts to fit in before reawakening a trio of evil witches who were killed in the 17th century. It doesn’t get any more traditional than this! It is an all-time favorite Halloween film that must be seen every year!

  • 68 Kill

The divine offering to honor the dark humor gods is 68 Kill. Chip, the protagonist, and his girlfriend agree to execute a potentially unexpected robbery, and the night quickly spirals out of his control.

This film is just ninety-two minutes of deliciously gory trailer park garbage. The fear of being discovered by violent ex-girlfriends, the cops, and other suspicious characters with the heady promise of $68,000 only spurred ahead of the plot.

  • Halloween town

This Halloween town movie, in my perspective, is the finest of all the Halloween movies Disney has published. Every year, I look forward to seeing it. When a young girl living with her good-witch grandma discovers that she, too, is a witch, she must assist her grandmother in saving Halloween town from evil powers.

Marney and her younger siblings join their grandmother to Halloween town when she learns about her magical abilities. It’s a two-part series that contains Halloween Town 1 and Halloween Town 2.

  • Trick ‘r treat

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source: shopify.com

Trick ‘r Treat is a fantastic comedy horror film that tells five interconnected storylines set on Halloween: A regular high school principal hides a dark side as a serial killer.

It’s about a college virgin who may have just met the right person; a group of students executes a cruel joke on her. A woman who despises the night must deal with her holiday-obsessed husband, while a cruel old guy is pitted against a demonic, otherworldly trick-or-treater.

  • Stranger things

When a small boy goes missing, his mom, a police commander, and his friends must face horrific supernatural forces to find him.

All through the series, the show primarily focuses on 80s nostalgia. And it was because of this, I decided to watch it in the first place, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

  • The haunted mansion

horror movie

source: d23.com

This film is one of my favorites. In this film, a family enters a home only to discover that strange visitors haunt it. 

Real estate agents who are married take their children to see a potential customer, the owner of a haunted mansion. Isn’t it intriguing? Make sure to put this on your Halloween 2021 bucket list right today!

  • Moms got a date with Vampire

A flashback to legendary Disney film days from the early 2000s. A family believes their mother’s new partner is a vampire, but the mother is completely unaware. After mistakenly setting up their mother with a vampire, three children must save her. You haven’t seen this yet, have you? So, what exactly are you waiting for? Go take a look!

  • Spooky buddies

Are you a fan of cute dogs as well? If you answered yes, you should definitely watch this movie. It’s a frightening puppy adventure that’s a lot of fun! The puppies embark on a terrifying journey through a haunted mansion.

  • Don’t look under the bed


horror moviesource: shopify.com

As a kid, this movie was terrifying to me, but I continued viewing this over and over again). It’s a Disney Channel exclusive about how make-believe turns into reality. 

In this film, the boogyman is chasing a little girl, and he uses pranks to capture her attention. It was a strange and scary film that Disney would never release today. In case you if you missed it when you were ten, watch in this Halloween 2021.

  • I’m thinking of ending things.

With his stunning Netflix original, I’m Thinking of Ending Things; Charlie Kaufman brought hallucination to life. In this movie, he uses the audience’s worry to persuade them to believe in his universe.

It tells the story of a young woman and her boyfriend who go to his parent’s house on a particularly stormy night. He gripped viewers by the enthralling storyline till the very last scary shot as the nighttime gets longer and your set of questions grows more complex.

  • American horror story

A deadly mansion, a lunatic asylum, a witch circle, a circus freak, a spooky guesthouse, dreary farmland, a cult, the apocalypse, a horror vacation camp, and a dreary beach city and desert valley are among the characters and settings featured in this anthology series. So far, Murder House has been my favorite season for getting into the Halloween spirit.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

This film features the best music and animation. But, unfortunately, it’s a Halloween film, not a Christmas one. You may watch it for both Christmas and Halloween, though.

To be honest, this isn’t my favorite Halloween film, but the music is incredible!

This film follows Jack Skellington, a Halloween town resident who is looking for something new and stumbles onto Christmas Town, where he devises a fresh plan to enjoy this year.

  • Ghostbusters

horror movie

source: ignimgs.com

A group of ghost exterminators sets up shop as a one-of-a-kind ghost eradication service in order to defend New York City from a spirit invasion. I enjoy both the original and the current remake with Leslie Jones, which they released lately. 

Both are enjoyable and worthwhile for different reasons. First, both are based on a ghost-catching crew in New York City!

Wrapping up!

So, here is the complete Halloween movie guide of the 20 best horror movies you should watch in Halloween 2021. Also, do let us know which is your most favorite among all the movies. Till then, stay happy & safe. Also, don’t wait much & start prepping for your Halloween season. Happy Spooktober!

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