Five Things to Pack for Your Deep Fishing Trip

Gear for skin protection

Any fishing trip requires gear and accessories such as insulated cooler bags from Reliable Fishing, but a fishing trip that involves chartering a boat and heading out to open sea requires you to think a little bigger. Thinking bigger is required because the sea involves a much larger volume of water than you will find inland. Additionally, you will receive more significant exposure to the sun. Finally, ocean fishing involves fish that, likewise, are much bigger. As such, you need a more substantial set of basic resources if you want to remain comfortable, healthy, and successful. Moreover, if you have the budget, you might want to purchase fishing boats for sale if you enjoy fishing often.

  1. Gear for skin protection

Gear for skin protection


Although some people suggest an SPF of 30 offers enough protection against the sun’s rays, you have to realize that an ocean adventure involves more sun than most people get mowing their lawns. Whereas they will go inside when they are done, you are actually going to be on the deck, pole in hand, waiting for a fish to snag your bait. During this time that can last all day, the sun will be baking you like you’re some nice, fish fritter. If you do not want to end up baked and toasted like something to be included on the dinner menu, you need an SPF rating high enough to block out all the rays.

If you use the gloves, you will not ruin the bait’s smell with the smell of island coconut from the sunscreen. If your bait smells like island coconut because you transferred some lotion to the bait, you will find the fish love that smells so much that they, too, will travel far away from you in search of their own island vacation.

  1. Body protection

Gear for skin protection


In addition to protecting your skin, you need to protect your body. You should bring the following gear that will serve as comfortable yet formidable armor.

cap: protects those dainty ears

windbreaker: protects against chills from endlessly blowing wind

steel-toed boots: protects those dainty toes

gloves: protects against callouses from handling that pole all-day

In terms of hand protection, you will need to forgive the pun, but gloves come in very handy when a fish finally takes the bait. As you battle with a fish the size of you, that rigid pole will scrape against your hands for hours as you attempt to haul it in.

In terms of being dainty, this is not an exaggerated attempt at humor. For instance, you might feel rough and ready, and you might be a hunter. But when you are on the water for hours at a time, even if it is one of those adventurous night fishing trips, nature has a way of chewing you to pieces one earlobe and one toe at a time.

Don’t underestimate nature. Bring protection.

  1. Backpack

Gear for skin protection


You should have a backpack that you can secure to your seat. Doing so will allow you to have snacks or a water bottle at the ready. Additionally, you can include wet wipes to get rid of any sunscreen you might have spilled, and you can keep your phone protected yet nearby.

  1. Health items

If you take medication, you should bring a water-tight container in which to keep it. Having your medical items with you at all times is one of the best reasons to justify the aforementioned backpack. Additional medical items to bring include pills for motion sickness. These will help that dainty stomach of yours.

  1. License

Gear for skin protection


Perhaps the most important thing to bring is your fishing license. Many countries issue what is known as a license or permit allowing for saltwater fishing. If you have this license or permit, you will legally be able to mount that trophy fish on the wall. If you do not have your license, you will have to turn over your catch to the authorities and spend a mandatory 847 days in jail.

Of course, this is an exaggerated attempt at humor. You will not have to endure jail time. However, this is not a joke. If you do not have your license, you will not get a trophy fish because you will not be able to fish. Then you can cue those dainty emotions of yours and begin wiping away those tears from your sad, dainty eyes.

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