Cleaning Hacks: How to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Keeping the kitchen clean is crucial for the health of you and your family. This is because it is the room in your house that is filled with germs the most, which can cause various types of illnesses. 

However, keeping the kitchens clean is not as easy as it sounds, especially when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. If you are struggling with the same problem too here are some cleaning hacks on how to clean kitchen cabinets:

Murphy’s Oil Soap

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Murphy’s soap has been an effective cleaning product and a common cleaning product in households for more than ten decades now. If your kitchen or kitchen cabinets have stubborn dirt and filth that won’t go away no matter what you do, give this soap a try. 

Murphy’s Oil Soap will not only remove it all for you but also make the surface shiny and silky. Moreover, unlike other cleaning products, it produces a sweet citrus scent to make sure the kitchen not only looks clean but also feels fresh. You will get the best results if you combine it with warm water before applying and use a small brush to scrub. 

Blue Dawn

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If the cabinets in your kitchen are wooden, Blue Dawn may be the best cleaning product for you. A few drops of Blue Dawn is what you need to clean up all the dirt and grease from your kitchen cabinet completely. 

Take warm water in a bowl and just add a few drops of Blue Dawn. Soak your cleaning sponge in the mixture for a few minutes. Then squeeze it and apply the saturated sponge on the greasy and dirty areas of the kitchen cabinet so that it can absorb them all. After you remove the sponge, make sure to wipe the area with a dry cloth, if you want to avoid steaking. 


kitchen cleaning


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If you are looking for cleaning hacks that involve natural items, you can go for vinegar. Vinegar is quite well known to work wonders on wooden cabinets that are covered with greasy elements.

You need to make a vinegar solution by just combining warm water with vinegar in equal quantities. Take the solution in a spray bottle and shake it well. Then spray this solution on the greasy and dirty areas of your kitchen cabinet, leave it for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a soft dry cloth. If the grease and dirt are too stubborn, you can add some liquid detergent to the solution.

Cooking Ingredients

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You can also try cleaning up your kitchen cabinet with some common items we find in the kitchen itself. Cooking ingredients like baking soda and cooking oil when combined in the right amounts can help you get rid of the grease from your kitchen cabinets.

To make the perfect mixture, combine two parts of baking soda with one part cooking oil and make a smooth paste. This paste just needs to be daubed on the greasy areas and left for a couple of minutes. Then you can just wipe it off slowly with a soft dry cloth.

Detergent and Water 

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If you are looking for a simple way to clean your kitchen cabinets, you can switch to a detergent and water solution. You can prepare this simple solution just by combining two parts of water with one part of any kind of detergent.

After the solution is made, you can soak up your cleaning sponge in it. You can use this soaked sponge to wipe off the dirt and grease from the cabinets in your kitchen.

Soap and Paint Thinner

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For the most stubborn grease and grime, you might an alternative like the mixture of soap and paint thinner. This mixture is best suited for the kitchen cabinets that are made of hardwood.

To make the mixture, you need to combine soap and paint thinner in equal quantities. You can then apply it on the affected areas with the help of a cleaning sponge or brush and wipe it off with a clean dry cloth.

Now that you know the hacks on how to clean your kitchen and kitchen cabinets, hope you will be able to keep the kitchen germs away from you and your family at Live Enhanced.

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