Exercises for Knee Pain: Exercises for Pain Relief

knee pain exercise

Nobody wants to suffer through knee pain, it is such a disturbance to every element of your day and your night! When pain strikes, it can be very tempting to ignore it in hopes that it eventually disappears, however, unfortunately, this usually won’t be the case. In actual fact, the longer that you put your pain on the back burner, the more likely it is that it’s going to worsen over time. In order to effectively treat your pain, you absolutely need to get yourself to a physician or professional physiotherapist. There are a few exercises that you can try to manage your pain before you find yourself in a waiting room. Here are a few exercises to tide you over and make your day that little more comfortable.

Heel and Calf Stretch
knee pain exercise

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This stretch helps to lengthen and strengthen calf muscles, protecting your knee and relieving built-up tension through the lower half of your leg and heel. Stand facing a wall and place one foot out in front of you, with the other behind you in a triangle shape. Both of your toes should face forward and your legs should be straight without locking the knee. Lean your weight forward and place your palms on the wall, you should feel this through your back leg. Thirty seconds hold and repeat another side.

Quad Stretch

knee pain exercise

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A quadriceps stretch targets the muscles at the front of your thigh, elongating them and encouraging them to relax and release any tension. This can also help your hip and thigh flexibility. Stand near a chair or other flat surface to hold onto support and plant one foot firmly on the ground, grab the other and pull up to your glutes, hold there for thirty to sixty seconds, and switch sides. You can repeat this twice on each leg for a really good stretch out.

Hamstring Stretch

knee pain exercise

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Our hamstrings tend to get very tight no matter how active we are, so knee pain or not, you should be trying this one out on a regular basis to keep your legs limber and pain-free. Lie down on a plush surface or exercise mat, resting your spine straight on the floor. Straighten both legs out in front of you and lift one leg off the floor. Clasp your hands around your knee, calf or ankle and gently pull it towards your chest. You can use a stretchy rubber band if you struggle to get your hands far enough to reach. Sixty seconds hold and repeat another side.

Leg Extensions

knee pain exercise

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Strengthening your quads will take the pressure off your knees when you’re walking, training, or exercising. This one is great as it uses your body weight and therefore can be done pretty much anywhere you like. To do this exercise, plant yourself in a chair and sit up tall, good posture is key to getting the movement right. Place your feet on the floor at hip-width. Extend one foot as high as possible, contracting your quad muscles to do so. Hold for thirty seconds and repeat two or three times before repeating on the other leg.

Side Leg Raises

knee pain exercise

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Side leg raises will help to work your hip abductor muscles and your glutes, both of which help you to stand, walk and exercise. Strengthening and developing these muscle groups will help to protect your knees and take pressure off them when you’re being physically active. Lie on your side on a mat with your legs stretched out long with one stacked on top of the other. Flex both feet and send your top leg to the ceiling, repeat ten times, and do two or three rounds on each leg. You can do this with ankle weights if you fancy more of a challenge or if you feel that this exercise is a little too easy for you.

And there you have it! A few strengthening and stretching exercises to help manage and relieve knee pain. Remember, knee pain should be treated by a professional. Seek out a physio to banish it for good. See more information at Live Enhanced.

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