Should You Move to a New City in 2023? 7 Factors To Help You Decide

Factors To Help You Decide to move New City

Whether you’re tired of feeling stuck in your small hometown or are sick of snowy winters (or blistering summers), moving to a new place can give you the fresh start you’ve been so desperately craving.

No matter the distance, moving is a sizeable task that requires a substantial amount of work, planning, and financial investment. Before committing to a full-blown relocation, check out these seven factors to help you decide if you should move to a new city in 2023


Factors To Help You Decide to move New City


One of the most significant factors you should consider about moving to a new city is the distance. In general, the farther you move from where you are, the more expensive the move will be.

For example, if your move requires you to ship your car over state lines, shipping a car to Florida from New York will cost much more than sending a vehicle to Florida from Georgia or Alabama. 

 Likewise, most movers embarking on a significant relocation journey will consider hiring a moving company to pack their homes and transport their belongings. Still, these kinds of full-service companies can charge a pretty penny to assist with long-distance moves.  

Job opportunities

Before you move, you must consider what opportunities lie ahead of you. Will you be able to find a job that aligns with your career goals in your new city? If so, will it pay enough to help support your living costs in your new town? 

While an out-of-city move can be thrilling, hastily making the transition before locking in a job that works for you can end in disaster. Do your homework before you hit the road and research the job market and industry standards for salaries in your field. 

Cost of living

Factors To Help You Decide to move New City


Perhaps one of the most crucial things to consider before moving to a new city in 2023 is the cost of living in the area. Take some time to research the cost of living in your dream city and calculate whether or not you’ll be able to afford it on your new salary. Those who move from smaller towns to rapidly developing cities can be shocked to realize that their salary in their current city wouldn’t begin to cover the cost of living in the town they’d like to move to. 

For example, in cities like New York, the average rental cost is well above $1300 per month. Through your research, consider compromising by moving to a town that can offer you a fresh start without breaking the bank. 

Weather in the area

Some people want to move to their dream city, rain or shine. Others, however, have their sights set on a new town precisely because of the weather. Whether you daydream of moody Seattle rain or can’t get enough of Southern California’s year-round sunshine, consider the weather before making your big move. 

Someone who lives in Kansas City may want to move to the coast to trade in cold winters for warm, sunny beaches in Key West. On the other hand, someone living in Atlanta may despise the humidity and travel to Denver to search for higher altitudes. Whatever your preference, be honest with yourself and avoid taking a sudden plunge into a climate you’ll end up hating. 

School districts

Factors To Help You Decide to move New City


Families with school-aged kids should consider school districts and educational resources when considering a move in 2023. These days, schools come in many different shapes and sizes. Public schools, private schools, charter schools, and homeschool group options are all accessible to families with school-aged children. 

If you’re hoping to provide the best possible education for your little ones, research the quality of school districts in your prospective city and ensure they live up to your expectations. 

Things to do

Those hoping to move to a new city ought to examine whether or not they’ll enjoy the activities at their disposal in their new town. Consider which activities you most want to spend your time doing and research how accessible they’ll be to you in the city you’re hoping to move to. 

For instance, avid winter sports enthusiasts might want to reconsider moving to a southern state that doesn’t get much snow, and night-life-lovers may find themselves disappointed if they wind up in a rural town that doesn’t have many restaurants or clubs. 

Personal connections

Factors To Help You Decide to move New City


Ask yourself if you know anyone who lives in the area already, like family members or friends. If you don’t, consider whether or not having existing connections in your new town is important to you. 

Many people have a hard time moving to a new city when they don’t know anyone. After all, phones and technology have limitations on maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships. While some movers may feel excited by a fresh social start, others may feel lonely if they’re unfamiliar with people in their new surroundings.

Final thoughts

Moving to a new city in 2023 can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Take your time and think through these factors before diving head-first. You’ll be on your way to starting fresh in no time. 

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