5 Features to Picking the Best Curling Iron For Short Hair

Curling iron material

As ladies, we love experimenting on our hairstyles and make sure that it looks good on us. In fact, hair is an essential part of your daily preparation. You spend so much time fixing it, even if you are just staying home. When you look at a woman’s fashion magazine, you do not just look at a models outfit and makeup. You also check on how they have come up with different waves on that short hair. Isn’t it amazing how these ladies with curly short hair have come up with such pretty looks?

Well, you should know that the secret behind this success in such hairstyles, is the use of curling iron. As first-timers, you might find it quite complicated or difficult to master such curliness. However, you need to practice using the tool. Before doing that, you must first learn about picking the best curling iron for short hair. Each brand or model of curling iron has its own features. It could be for short or long hair. That’s why you have to be meticulous so that you can achieve the style that you are wishing for.

The features of the curling iron for your short hair are vital in choosing the product because these will give you desirable results. Nobody would like to see failures when it comes to hairstyles because everybody will notice this. Now, if you would love to be noticed because you look stunning and gorgeous, then check on the features well.

1.1 or 2 inch barrel

1 to 2 inche barral

source: businessinsider.com

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When it comes to sizes, this not about the actual length of the curling iron. It’s all about the barrel that will be used for curling. It is true that your hair is short, but this is not a reason to have loose curls. Now for you to hold this for a longer time, you should be using a barrel with about an inch size. And then, if you would like a bigger wave, then you have to use a curling iron with the bigger barrel as well. Anyway, you may try various sizes and see how it looks on you.


temprature 1

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Do you know that temperature is a very important feature? It’s because this is a factor that will greatly effect on how long this curl will last. I am not saying that you should choose the ones with higher temperature. You should be careful about this to avoid damaging your hair.

However, if you have really thick hair, then I suggest you choose the ones with higher temperature, while lower temperature for ladies with think, treated and fragile hair. Do not overdo the curling because this will cause more damages. If you are not sure about this feature, then you better ask an expert for help and tips.

3.thin and small barrel

thin & small bralle

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If it’s your first time using a curling iron at home, then you may try different waves until you are sure on what style you would like to achieve most. If you have mastered using your tool, then it would be easier for you to do the style that you would like to have.

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For example, if you would like a tight curl, then use thin-sized barrels with high temperature. Or if you would like falling curls, then you may also try using a small-sized barrel. Whatever style you wish would be achieved as long as you know how to experiment on your own. Sometimes, asking the experts would be very nice. However, your skills are not on the same level, so you won’t always end up with the same results.

4.Combat Your Hair

hair combat (2)

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The texture, as well as the thickness of the hair, matters a lot when choosing the features of a curling iron. You should know that if you have thin hair, then you do not really need too much heat. While coarse and really thin hair, actually needs a considerable tool. What we are saying here is that the texture and volume of your hair will make it more difficult for you to achieve the desired style. Now, you have to check if this curling iron is for which type of hair. This would surely be indicated on the labels.

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Curling iron material

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If you would like to achieve shiny, silky and smooth curls, then make sure to choose the right material. With steel, you may not be able to achieve such a result. Therefore, you have to choose the barrel that is made of ceramic, titanium, gold and tourmaline.that all product will help you to enhance the beauty of your hair.

This may be more expensive than steel material. However, this is the one that can give your hair a natural shine and moisture look. Actually, the secret here is that these materials safely releases negative ions. Of course, it is with the right and minimal amount that’s why heating is evenly distributed.

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