Five Symptoms That Depict You Are Taking Too Much Protein

Protein plays a vital role in our body for building and repairing muscles, energy, and satiation and also to boost immunity. It is also necessary for the production of hormones and enzymes that assist the body to stay fit. Your body requires exact nutrients including protein to function properly but keep in mind that excess of everything will harm you. Consumption of too much protein can cause a variety of health issues, in fact, you can also develop serious problems too and which leads to a rise in amino acids, or else insulin in your blood stream.  So always keep in mind the recommended amount of protein to stay healthy.


Symptoms That Show You Are Taking Excess Protein Than Needed

Undoubtedly protein is one of the vital nutrients that body needs and high protein diet are trendy nowadays among those who want to lose weight. Protein helps you to feel full throughout the day as it increases the metabolic rate and avoids hunger pangs. As per health experts every individual one kilogram of body weight one gram of protein is required, and if you are consuming an excess amount of protein then you can experience below symptoms and signs:

1. Gaining Weight Without Any Reason


Gaining weight is one of the primary symptoms that show that you are taking excess protein, especially when you are not indulging yourself in any kind of overeating or eating in sweets, fried foods and salty snacks. Excess protein stores as fat in the body while the surplus of amino acids are excreted and this leads to weight gain.

2. Kidney Problems


If you are facing the kidney problems than it is a sign that you are eating ekes of protein as following high protein diet can increase the risk of kidney damage. People who are already facing kidney problems should avoid protein consumption as it will increase the damage kidney troubles. It is because the excess nitrogen in amino acids that increase the number of proteins as to get rid of this extra nitrogen as well as waste products kidneys has to work hard. In addition to this, you can also take doctor’s advice using 1mg Coupons codes if you face kidney problem.

3. Dehydration


If you feel thirsty all the time or else feel dehydrated, then it is the sign that you are consuming excess protein that your body needs it.  When you consume excess protein, your kidneys have to work more and more to flush them out of the body all the way through urine and which makes you feel thirstier. So you take in protein in the form of fruits and vegetables with high water content so that you should not experience dehydration problems.

4. Bowel Issues


High protein diets along with low carb diets can effortlessly flush out healthy flora of the gut as you are not taking in sufficient prebiotic. It is a fiber that assist healthy fuel bacteria and which leads to many bowel problems which include diarrhea as well as constipation. Many people who consume excessive protein also experience bloating and cramping in the stomach too.

5. High Cholesterol Levels And Breath Changes


High protein intake raises cholesterol levels and o if you are experiencing a sudden rise of cholesterol levels than take it as a symptom of high intake of protein. To control the excess protein intake, you can switch to make egg whites, low-fat milk and many other foods. However, everybody knows that bad breath is because of poor dental hygiene, but sometimes it is also because of consuming high protein diet as it reduces carb sources and which causes the body to burn fat as a fuel.

Recommended Protein

Protein recommendations vary from person to person and depend on age, gender, body weight and level of activity done. As per the experts, the recommended daily amount of protein is about 56 grams for an average male and 46 grams for the average female. You can also calculate the amount of protein your body needs as mostly all adults need about 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight.


People those who indulge themselves with exercises for more than one hour on a daily basis require 1.2 to 1.7 grams per kilogram of body weight.   Excess protein intake is when you consume more than 2 grams per kilogram of body weight daily, so keep a check on it to stay healthy and fit. However, mostly all protein sources are animal-based and thus it should be avoided or should be reduced.

It is true that you can eat too much of anything but keep in mind that that excess quantity should not overbear other food groups. However, protein is vital and very much needed for your body and also assists in weight loss and you can easily buy different proteins using Flipkart Coupon Code offer. But if you find above-listed symptoms that show that you are taking too much protein than try to avoid high protein foods.

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