What Everyone Must Know About Forex Factory Calendar?

Forex Factory Calendar
Forex Factory Calendar:

The forex factory calendar is one of the most common trading tools in the world. It’s precise, helping you stay on top of current Forex events. This is one of the things that you’re supposed to have in your arsenal! The forex factory calendar will show you the weekly news activities. It streamlines and arranges the news bits, ranking them from low to high impact. You can also set up and enter your time zone so that you can access news reports based on your local time.

Forex Factory Calendar

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The Procedure of Forex Factory Calendar: 

Without a question, the forex factory calendar is one of the most advanced and intelligible economic calendars out there. If you’re a novice, you don’t daunt by numbers or foreign phrases. It plans to be available to any trader from any level of experience and ability that you can see at Live Enhanced.

Features of the Forex Calendar:

Forex Factory Calendar

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  • You can see that there are a lot of items in the navigation column forex factory calendar. Select a full calendar for the current month. Click on any of those dates for the month will take you to a page where you can see the schedule for what fore news is going to release. Or you can also press dates in the past and you’ll then take to a page where you can see what news has published.
  • You have a few shortcut links like “Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, and Up Next” and so on. When you click on them, you do the same thing as above. This column lists the currency pairs that will be affected by the publication of forex news. For example, if Australia is going to make an interest rate announcement, any currency pair that tied to the Aussie Dollar will affect.
  • When you go to the Chart column and click on the Chart button. The tab will show you a rundown of the actuals news previews from the previous release dates: The main column displays the real figures reported in the press. I suppose to put the forex factory calendar legend. But, I got distracted while writing this message. So that means it’s going to be the last one on the list. Yes, the legend in the forex factory calendar tells you. 
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The effects label in three shades:

Forex Factory Calendar

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Red Forex news is an expected impression. Brown news forex is a medium planned outcome. Yellow Forex news is low planned impressions.

What of the things, symbols, and colors means:
  • Green figures in calendars are higher than expected or higher up-to-date figures.
  • Red numbers mean worse than expected or worse than up to date.
  • High, Medium and Low Impact reports classify as things that look like a top folder. You’ve got a non-economic gray color story.

Forex Factory Calendar

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  • The real pending is a green circular circle with a white spinning arrow inside. You see because it’s a few minutes to seconds away from the news written.
  • Linked story symbol looks like an open white paper folder sticking out of it.
  • FF Alert Inside looks like a brown folder with a star coming from it. You see this when Forex Factory wants to alert you to something Green figures in calendars are higher than expected or higher up-to-date figures.
  • Red numbers mean worse than expected or worse than up to date.

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