Sustainable Home 101: Cutting Your Home Energy Costs

Energy bills can be shocking no matter when you receive them. But the summer ones are especially killing. We’re almost dependent upon our air conditioning during those hot summer months. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the costs run-up as well. Even if we make do without the AC units, keeping a fan or two on is an absolute must. 

The good news is that you can keep your home cool during the summer without going into debt or using up your savings. It is also advisable that you do price comparison of different providers using sites like Simply Switch Energy. We’re not talking about a major investment like installing a solar power grid but just a few tweaks that can help in cutting energy costs:

Use Shades


There are now window treatments that you can get to save on energy. It can make a huge difference; the sun’s rays won’t get into space easily. This will automatically lower the interior temperature. 

You don’t even have to get this treatment for all your windows. Notice the ones that are directly in the sun’s path and focus on them. Check out those that face the east and west. If you live in the northern hemisphere, the windows that face south might be the ones that need a shading treatment. 

Use Power Strips


Working from home is a convenient option that more people are utilizing nowadays. In the future, it’s expected that people will be running up their home power costs due to the usage of laptops, computers, phones, etc. So even if you take care to put everything in standby mode when not in use, you’re still drawing on a fair amount of electricity. 

One loophole to get around the higher energy consumption is to make use of a power strip. You might have to invest in a high-quality option, as the cheaper kinds may not last too long. Plugging in a few gadgets on a single strip will enable you to easily turn off their power supply all at once. You can then view EnergyBot or a similar online tool to gauge your energy consumption. 

Prefer Air Drying


Drying clothes in the dryer might be convenient. But line drying is a more responsible choice. This way, your energy consumption would be a lot less and your clothes will also last longer. The stains won’t be set too hard as they are in a machine dryer. So, consider making the switch.

You can always hold on to the machine drying option in case of emergencies. Whatever you choose, you should know the pros and cons of each option before going forward.

Choose Appliances Wisely


Many of us can’t do without our large labor-saving appliances, especially when it comes to automatic washing machines and dishwashers. While we’re not saying that such appliances are a waste, you might want to do your research before making a purchase. 

Several automatic washing machines might be more efficient in using electricity and water than others. For instance, the newer front-load machines are better at this than the top-load types. The same goes for energy-saving dishwashers as well as refrigerators or deep freezers. Compare the average energy usage and decide accordingly. By conserving water, you’re also saving on water heating costs, which is again a part of your energy bill. 

Do Away With Inefficient Bulbs


Light bulbs are probably the most-used energy-consuming items in a home. Even if they’re going out for some time, many people prefer to have at least one bulb burning in their stead. This means that you should pay careful attention to the kind of bulbs to use

Halogen or incandescent bulbs might be a good choice if you’re into vintage interiors. But they’re hardly good for your pocket. Besides, inefficient bulbs can waste a lot of energy through their heat and light production. They also make space warmer, which is hardly what you need during the summer. Therefore, it’s wise to replace all such bulbs with LED energy savers.

The Takeaway


Heating and cooling are both major sources of an average person’s energy consumption. If you cut down on these two factors, you’ll be able to see your energy bills going down as well. The above methods will help you in accomplishing that goal.

More importantly, such practices will also help you understand how your living or working space utilizes energy. With this understanding, you can work out the most successful combination for an affordable energy bill each month at Live Enhanced.

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