Gatlinburg: The Place For Arts & Crafts

In the Smokies of Tennessee, there are artisan sites to see. Design your own pot on a potter’s wheel. Also, along the Yellow Arts and Crafts Route, art lovers can explore exciting adventures that seem to never end.

In addition, paintings, candles, glass art, and woven products surround this trail. Come and see all the great work that is being created everyday to please the eye. Enlighten your horizons when you visit this delightful view of arts & crafts.

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Diamond Mountain Rentals offer a unique stay for the entire family, and will be happy to give you some pointers on visiting arts & crafts shops. Many of these places also have free classes and workshops, so be sure to ask about them.

Also, if you enjoy snowboarding, skiing, or a mountain view-this is the place you need to be. Swimmers can take a dive at the clubhouse swimming pool. There is even enjoyment for the horse-back rider and the table-gamer at Diamond Mountain Rentals.

Enjoy the visual arts by:

Hopping Aboard The Trolley Tours


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The magnificent trolley makes for an amazing tour of the visual arts. Leaving your car behind can allow the whole family to bask in the artisan world. The trolley can assist with getting to know this grand community. Commuting is made easy on a ride with the trolley.


Booking A Tour On The Yellow Arts and Crafts Route


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 This allows you to book a tour along the open trail. The Yellow arts and crafts route is quite amazing. Start your search for your great art.

Basket weaving and glass blowing are just some of the artisan work you will discover. All items are handcrafted to the touch. All of the artist put plenty of love into the work they present to the public. Natural materials are used to produce great works of art. Some artisan might even create a portrait designed just for you to hang in your home.

Words cannot describe the creative vibe that exist at the shops of Gatlinburg.

  • Wining And Dining On Artisan Food. Taste down-home food from Three Jimmy’s Good Time Eatery. Here you will find delicious artisan food. Complimentary wine tasting happens at exclusive times. Gathering for a feast will surprise your taste buds.


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  • The fun is in the taste of the food. Homemade pizza and vegan specialties keep visitors coming back. You might
  • also prefer the Red Oak Bistro. This restaurant takes pride in their fancy wine bar. The atmosphere is geared to make you feel at home while welcoming the whole family to Gatlinburg.
Never A Dull Moment…

Each piece of art is crafted and woven on the spot. See, feel, taste, hear, and smell the arts in their rare forms. Invite your whole group to partake in the awesome festivities. The family won’t be disappointed with so many great things to do. Check out the original architecture on the buildings that will wow all of your senses.

Classes are also available for the person who wants to learn new things. The kids will enjoy the toy stores. Accordingly, the adults will love the views of the water fountains.

When booking a Diamond Mountain Rentals cabin in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, be sure to ask about this vibrant arts & crafts community.

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