Google Photos Free Storage Ends: Price & Planning Details

Google Photos free storage ends

Starting today, Google Images will offer free unlimited storage of high-quality photos. From today each photo uploaded to Google Photo will be counted against your Google Drive limit. However, the previously added high-quality images and videos will not count against the 15GB of basic storage that comes with a Google account. Google Photographs allowed users to keep settings at high-quality photos so that the phone would continue saving up photographs that would not count against the normal 15GB storage.

For those who are unaware, photos saved in High Quality are compressed and have a lower quality when compared to photos saved in Original Quality. However, High-Quality photos take up less space than Original Quality photos. So, here you can know about all detail about google one at Live Enhanced.

What Is Google One  

Google Photos free storage ends

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Google One is simply a rebranded version of Google Drive Storage, and it is a paid service. It essentially provides more storage space for your Google account. You’ll have to subscribe to Google One if you need more storage than the 15GB you get for free. The advantages of a Google One subscription include extra storage, access to Google customer service (if you have any problems), the ability to share storage with family members, and some exclusive Google Play offers.

The most important advantage is that you will be able to increase your storage limit from 15GB to 100GB, 200GB, or 2TB depending on your needs and spending plan.

Google Photos will continue to occupy your Google account storage even if you purchase Google One. Do not believe the myth that Google Photos will become ‘free and unlimited’ the moment you purchase any Google One subscription.

Even after purchasing a Google One subscription, all photos backed up on Google Photos will continue to take up space in your Google account. To put it another way, you will be paying Google to back up your photos.

Plans & Price 

Google Photos free storage ends


There are three plans available for users:

-100GB storage for Rs 130 per month (or Rs 1,300 per year)

-200GB storage for Rs 210 per month (or Rs 2,100 per year)

-2TB storage space for Rs 650 per month (or Rs 6,500 per year).

Except for the 2TB plan, which includes a free VPN service for your Android phone, the additional benefits of all plans are similar.

This storage space can be shared by up to six family members. If you are interested, it is recommended that you purchase a yearly plan because you will save money and you will not receive repeated emails from Google every month to extend your subscription because Google may stop allowing you to access your files beyond the free 15GB storage if you do not pay up.

Other plans with 10TB, 20TB, or 30TB storage are available. However, in order to do so, you must first be a Google One member.

Google One Subscription 

Google Photos free storage ends


A Google One subscription is simple to obtain. You can go to the Google One website, sign in with your desired Google account, and choose the plan that you want to buy. It’s worth noting that if you have multiple Google accounts, you can use family sharing to share your Google One storage across multiple Google accounts (up to six). The price is similar to purchasing apps from Google Play.

Is It Compulsory To Get Google One Subscription 

Google Photos free storage ends


It should be noted that obtaining a Google One subscription is entirely optional. Other services are available as well. You may decide to switch to a different service provider, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, DropBox, Amazon Photos, or another. Alternatively, you could create a new Google account with free 15GB storage to save your future photos. Another option is to purchase a portable SSD with cloud storage in order to save the photos.

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