10 Aesthetic DIY Candle Holder Ideas to Adorn the Surrounding!

candle holder

While there are many different types of candles, the number of different types of candle holders has only increased in the last few decades. For years, your parents or grandparents most likely used the same identical candleholders at the center of their Christmas table. 

You do, however, have options! Suddenly, there are smart new methods to showcase candles anywhere you go, from departmental shops to decor blog posts.

Designer candle holders can be costly, so don’t let a tight budget deter you. With a few basic tools and a quick drive to the craft store, you can create the style you want with our 10 stunning DIY candle holder designs.

So, are you ready to decorate? Don’t wait much; let’s get started. 

10 DIY candle holder ideas
Glittery candle holder

candle holder

source: weddbook.com

The glitter votive holder is perfect for those who enjoy glittery and glittery things. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a glitter-covered candle holder that glows even brighter when the candle is lit. This type of candle holder will be a wonderful addition to your household.

Utilize mason jars

Mason jars can be purchased online or in-store. You only need to make the holder unit, and you’re set to go. You can also add a bit of lavender or other intriguing items to make it truly distinctive and fascinating.

These jars are huge and can accommodate even bigger candles. That alone makes it amazing and one-of-a-kind. And, at the end of the day, that’s precisely everything you need, so think about all of your possibilities.

Recycle old things

candle holder

source: potterybarn.com

Make wonderful wooden candle holders out of the legs of your old wooden chair for the best light decor centerpieces. Add the 4 4 fence caps at one side and the terracotta cups to the other end of the recycled table legs. 

Fill it with plastic plates, floral, your favorite artificial flowers, and colorful candles. Don’t overlook painting your finished candle holders to give them a sleek white look.

DIY holders with animal prints on them

There is no winning combo other than burlap and deer, and constructing candle holders with animal designs would look stunning. If you enjoy crafting candle holders, stenciled burlap candle holders are a must-try.

Burlap can be used to protect an old glass or bottle, resulting in some really unique DIY Candle Holders. The advantage is that you could still see the candle shimmering inside without any issues.

DIY bottle candle holder

candle holder

source: shopify.com

One of the DIY Candle Holders which will take some time is this one. First, you’ll need to find the correct kind of bottles, as well as some flowers that will go perfectly in there. The candles are then placed on top of everything.

For many people, the reality that this is time-consuming is the biggest obstacle. But it will be well worth it once you’ve finished it, and you’ll be quite pleased with how it works, so think about all of your possibilities.

Beaded glass holder

These adorable DIY candle holders are quick, inexpensive, and simple to make. First, connect the glass bead to the tiny glass container with a hot glue gun. Continue until all of the parts have been covered. 

This candle decoration can be used in the bedroom or living room. Then, to create a relaxing atmosphere, add the flavored prayer candles. This beaded candle holder is breathtaking, especially when illuminated. It’ll look great on your bedside table, coffee table, or even center table.

Rustic candle holder

Are you a massive supporter of the rustic-yet-sophisticated look? Then you’ll undoubtedly go for these illuminated birch wood beauties. Take the birchwood logs in a variety of sizes. Make profound holes in the tops of the jars to hold the light tea lamps, and then decorate with much more rustic ornamentation if desired.

DIY Birch candle holder

candle holder

source: amazon.com

Have a date night planned with your significant other? Then, to finish it off, add stuff that is simple but romantic to your dinner table. Make a few holes in a birch log that you have in your yard. In the hole, place the stick candles and fake plants. Use the fairy lights as a finishing touch to create a romantic atmosphere.

Beautiful cement candle holders

If the cement DIY Candle Holders are a little more difficult to make and you can’t be very inventive with the design elements, they are extremely durable. You can repurpose them over and over again without fear of breaking them.

It is the form of investment that will pay off handsomely, and the ROI can be enormous, which is precisely what you require. The absence of customizations is a mild inconvenience, but it is easily handled. 

DIY can holder

source: potterybarn.com

It’s a shame that so many people just throw tin cans and do not utilize them. You will be capable of achieving some wonderful results in no time with a little trickery, recognition, and DIY goodness. It works brilliantly in a significant way, and you will be pleased with how everything functions.

If possible, you should definitely give this a try, particularly if you really like the thought of putting something different and one-of-a-kind in your home.


Do you enjoy making candle plans in your home to create a festive atmosphere? The candles will then need to be raised to appropriate heights for a mesmerizing showcase. Allow these lovely DIY Candle Holders to do the work. Make wonderful candle stands and organize them in various configurations to make wonderful light décor centerpieces.

For additional aesthetics and impact, surrounding the DIY candle holders with beautiful added stuff. Hope these ideas will help you out, and you can be able to decorate it to the fullest. 

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