Google’s Fitbit Deal Could Avoid EU Probe by Agreeing Not to Use Health Data

google fitbit

Google is enhancing and fixing bugs in their existing apps and sites day – day for the better experience of every user they have in the list all across the world. Along with the enhancement, they have to be more concern about their privacy and security too, for that they are creating many agreements and rules, securing each and every kind of data they have is their first priority, if they ignore this data encryption then probably EU probe can have an investigation on Google, for avoiding such situation they have to encrypt their data with a deal.

google fitbit

As we know one of the most important data amongst all the data is health data, which is being recorded by using Fitbit. Google’s Fitbit health data if leaked out or used by any other authority crew, then it would be a great loss on their behalf. In November, they had announced the plans for the same to acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Moreover, Google’s Fitbit deal could avoid the EU probe by agreeing not to use health data.

For this rationale, some concessions and agreements with the EU probe are must, it will not solely make the data encrypted along with that transferring of data from one dealer to another dealer would make the process safe and easy, Reuters notes facing scrutiny will also be obstructed because of the new deals and concessions. Many other companies similar to Fitbit wearable companies have a tremendous collection of health information from the users, which they accumulate and trade to the companies for ads and other purposes, which makes users treacherous.

google fitbit

Moreover, Google tremendously invests for the best data and marketing, according to the arbiters they have suggested purchasing Fitbit deals would provide a mere platform for one to discuss on the rich data just between the company and me. These deals pivot on the promise that the company will never ever use their data for any kind of ads or for other selling trades and purposes.   

While taking follow – up for the same, the company analyzed and noted that acquisition would increase competition. Also, Fitbit provides a sizable footprint for data saving, satisfying the user’s needs and requirements at this instance time companies like Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi can only take over such type of grouping. Furthermore, Fitbit’s gradually enhancing themselves from devices to smartwatches. This creativity of wearing OS as a smartwatch has come a long way with utmost benefit, though the company started purchasing a large amount of portion for smartwatch tech from Fossil, Fastrack, and Generic since the last few months.

google fitbit

Whenever you use products like Fitbit and many more, you look over the best information with high privacy and security consequences; trust regarding the company plays a vital role, for that purpose CEO of Fitbit said: “We understand this is a big responsibility and we work hard to protect your information, put you in control and give you transparency about your data.”

Every company must look over their data encryption, as every user shares their data with the aspect that it would remain private and safe, but some companies use that data for their profit in e-trading purposes. No matter if they earn money with that but it is the wrong way, thus every company must have to deal with some concessions and agreements for the safety of the users.

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