Hair Jewelry Guide for You!

You must have seen the famous Tv Series called Game of Thrones. In its season 1, Khal Drogo uses to wear hair beads on his beard. The style of the beard was of a warrior. The bead used Khal Drogo in his beard is called hair jewelry. Some of you may not know but it is a jewelry, the Viking use to wear in 800 AD. Many of the men are inspired by the Vikings and also use to wear beads. These days, viking hair beads are very cheap and common. It is available in different styles and designs. Some of the people use to braid their beads are:

  • Motorcycle riders with a long beard.
  • Old-school dudes also wear these beads.
  • Moreover, the Viking dudes who raided England.
  • Also, the Egyptian pharaoh’s
    If you want to buy beads and other accessories like ancient Egypt, you will have to look for an online store about ancient Egypt, where you can find what you desire.

What Are Beads?


Most of the history lover dude wear the beads. They found these beads to be cool and attractive. Most of the design these dudes use to wear is from the Scandinavian Vikings. At first, people do not very much about it. But thanks to the famous TV show-The Vikings. Now people know about their culture and the jewelry they use to wear. Anyhow, we do not have any much history of the Vikings in written form. The Vikings were not the only one likes to wear jewelry. There were other nations and tribes too that like to wear a different kind of jewelry.

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Viking Beads to Buy

Hanpabum Beard Rings


These beads are not very different from the Norse beads. However, they are very cheap, small and lightweight. The design is based on 24 different Futhark Rune alphabets. Moreover, the craftsmen are using metal alloy to make these beads. The quality of it is very good and the best thing they are cheap.

Coop Unique Beads


Coop is basically hand-crafted beads. The quality is very great but t  hey are expensive compared to Hanpabum beads. Anyhow, people like these beads and prefer to buy them instead of the high price. One of the things they found interesting about them is that they are hand0crafted. The company offered 25 kinds of different designs of the beads. The method used to make these beads is called “Vacuum-Casting”. Moreover, bronze is used to make them. However, make sure that you have a long beard to be able to wear any bead.

Norse Tradesman Rune Beads


These beads are cheap and can be bought online from the Amazon. The manufacturer has used metal alloy to make these beads. Moreover, these are available in 25 different designs. What is unique about it is that it has a big hole compared to other competitors. A big hole makes it easy to attach a bead to the facial hair. Moreover, it weighs just six grams that makes it one of the lightweight bead on the market.

How to Attach A Bead?

Just follow the following steps to attach a bead to your hair:

  • First of all, apply silicon band on your facial hair where you want to attach the bead.
  • Make two to three leaps of the hair.
  • Then take a long string, and fold it. After that, take the end of the string and pass it through the hole of the bead.
  • You can also see that you can make larger loops with the string.
  • In the next step; pull the string through the bead to make a loop.
  • At last, slide the bead on hair towards the silicon ring.
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Most of the men will not like to wear a bead, as they consider it an old fashion. Very few percentages of men like to braid their beard.

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