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wash your hair

Do you pay attention to how often you wash your hair? This question is necessary if you’re looking to grow healthy hair. Your journey to healthier, more gorgeous hair will also depend on the attention you give your mane especially in having it clean and well-treated. But hold on a second, does regular washing really help in the overall health of your hair? The answer is simple: yes, your hair hygiene will affect your hair goals positively or negatively, depending on which side of the clean hair divide you belong.

wash your hair


The sebaceous glands on the scalp produce substance oily in nature named sebum, and this sebum, in turn, does a wonderful job moisturizing the hair by of keeping it from drying out. How does this happen? The sebaceous glands can be found close to the dermis, which is a layer of the skin, and the sebum uses this passage to get to the hair follicle. However, since we all have varying genetics and hormones, the amount of sebum production is different from person to person. For those who produce too much sebum and suffer from greasy scalp, all you need do is wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo.

These factors will determine how often you wash your hair:

1) Hair Texture

The texture of your hair really matters, and it affects the speed at which the oils work through your hair. Coarse and curly hair types find that the spread of sebum is slow because the strands are tightly coiled. The oil finds it hard to travel from the scalp to the strands.

hair texture wash your hair once a week


People with tightly coiled/curly textures should wash their hair once in a week. On the flipside, if you have fine or straight hair, you might have to wash your hair at least once a week because this hair type is prone to greasiness.

2) Skin Type  

skin type wash your hair


Your skin type will also determine how often you wash your hair. If your skin and hair are not excessively oily, you might get away with washing your once a week or once every two weeks.

3) Styling

Another factor that will determine the frequency you wash your hair is your hairstyle. Some hairstyles require lots of hair products, which could leave the hair looking dull and lifeless.

wash your hair -Styling


In this case, you need to wash your hair at least once a week to restore sheen and bounce.


For those who can’t shampoo as often as they should, conditioners can be a healthy replacement to shampoos for everyday use. Conditioners will re-hydrate your hair, restore the lushness, and renew lost nutrients. Conditioner washing, also known as co-washing, is very popular in the natural hair community due to the drying effect of some shampoos.

Many people have switched to giving their hair a good rinse using conditioners to avoid the sulfate in shampoos, which strips the hair of moisture and causes hair loss. Whether you co-wash or use shampoos, your hair will benefit from periodic cleaning.

 Great hair, whether curly or straight, can benefit from regular cleaning. The trick is to know your hair type and adjust your wash days accordingly.

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