How to Choose An Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedals

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Choosing one of the best affordable reverb pedals under $100 budget can be an overwhelming task owing to the options at your disposal. With reverb pedals, you create space around the sound, emulating a small room’s effects or a cathedral space’s acoustics. The right reverb pedal is what suits your requirement the best.

 Aspects to Consider While Looking for the Best Affordable Reverb Pedals under $100 Budget

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  • Reverb Tones 

What type of reverb tones are you trying to emulate with the reverb pedal? Do you want access to a full range of tones, or are there specific tones you want to experiment with? Some of the popular tones found on these reverb pedals are Spring, Room, Hall, Church, Plate, and Gate.

 On average budget-friendly pedals offer 6 to 10 reverb tones. Look for the list of tones that you can emulate before you make a purchase.  


  • Complexity

 If you are a beginner, then investing in a functional, compact, and easy-to-use reverb pedal would be an ideal choice. For example, TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb Pedal is one of the pedals available in the market today. The reverb can be controlled with a single knob.

 On the other hand, a pedal like HOTONE Skyline Verb Digital Shimmer Reverb takes time to get used to. It provides a range of reverb and shimmer effects and can be used in small rooms to concert halls. Ensure you pick a reverb pedal depending on your proficiency level.

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  • Size

 How big is the reverb pedal you are looking to invest in? Most budget-friendly pedals under $100 are compact and can be easily carried around. Some are so small that you can carry them around in your pockets.

If space is a constraint you have to deal with, look for the dimensions and weight of the reverb pedal in advance. For example, VALETON Coral Verb II Digital Reverb is only 150g in weight, offering ten reverb tones, true bypass, and LED indicator.

  • Usage

How often do you use reverb pedals? Are these pedals integral to your performance? Or do you use them once in a while? If reverb pedals are necessary for you and your band, consider investing in a good-quality pedal on the higher end. If you use reverb pedals occasionally, then look for affordable pedals on the lower end of the budget.

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  • Power Supply

Most reverb pedals use a 9V DC center-negative power supply. Some pedals can function fine on batteries, while some may require specific power supply voltage. You will need a power adapter for your reverb pedal to work in the latter scenario.

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Depending on the model you choose, some may have a pre-installed power supply available, and for others, you will have to supply power externally.

 Do you want a plug-in and forget it type of reverb, or would you like control over the tones created? Is a reverb pedal an essential addition to your band? Once you answer these questions and narrow down your requirements, you can get started on finding the best affordable reverb pedals under a $100 budget.

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