Top Living Room Furniture Trends You Can’t Resist

Living Room Furniture

Living rooms today have evolved into multifunctional spaces and cater to varying needs. Whether you enjoy a traditional feel or want a modern vibe, furniture trends cater to all tastes. Your living room reflects your aesthetic side, and those you entertain get a peek of this facet.

You can experiment and glamorize this section by including cosmopolitan pieces from a renowned brand like Zuo Modern. Scanning through such impressive collections gives you many inspiring ideas and motivates you to upgrade to trendier furniture. 

Trending Furniture 

Living Room Furniture


The aim is to make and keep your living room comfortable and inviting for both family and guests. Modern furniture need not be unaffordable or inconvenient to assemble. Listed here are the trendiest furniture pieces offered by popular labels like Zuo Modern that are fit to be show stoppers:

Cosmopolitan Sofa

With its simplistic design and sleek aluminum frame, this squat and modern sofa allows you immense flexibility. You can choose cushions that complement your living room décor to add a vibrant touch. 

This sturdy piece of furniture is apt for accommodating two adults after the inclusion of cushions. The sofa’s brushed aluminum neutral color gels beautifully with living room spaces and is low on maintenance. To prevent your flooring from scratching, rubber floor protectors are placed on the legs.

Cosmopolitan Arm Chair

Living Room Furniture


For a matching look and to provide sufficient seating in your living space, you can pair the above sofa with single-seater armchairs. To fit the chair’s dark grey frame, you can purchase plush orange or grey cushions. 

The cushions fit perfectly, provide comfort, and their fabric neither fades nor builds-up moisture. You can use a soft and damp cloth to clean the chair’s frame, equipped with rubber floor protectors to prevent scratch marks.

Cosmopolitan Side Table

This side table includes an aluminum frame with a poly-wood slated upper surface. A faux wood finish gives the table a classy look. Interspersing your living room seating arrangement with side tables completes the entire setting and makes it highly functional. 

Besides providing those who use your living room to place light things, you can also prop some indoor plants on these tables. Any semblance of greenery contributes to making your living space warm and inviting.

Lounge Chair

Living Room Furniture


The black steel frame of this lounge chair is upholstered with a soft grey fabric or white faux leather to suit different preferences. Its u-shaped seat guarantees luxurious comfort and makes a stylish statement in your living room. 

You can choose to incorporate either one statement lounge piece or a pair to cater for more seating in your living area. Lightly vacuum the upholstery to keep it clean. The legs of the chair have rubber floor protectors to safeguard against scratching.

Coffee Table

A faux marble surface on top of a designed gold geometric base makes a trendy and sophisticated coffee table. The faux stone is resistant to scratching or chipping. You can place the table in the center of your seating arrangement or at one prominent location where it grabs maximum attention. 

Approach a reputed online store that you can depend on for furniture that spells comfort and luxury. 

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