How to Plan Your Roofing Project in Janesville, WI

Plan Your Roofing Project

The roof is the first barrier protecting you from the weather in your house. This is why it’s imperative that whoever handles the project—repair or replacement of the roof—be quite skilled. Knowing the advice for selecting a roofing contractor is therefore beneficial.

You need to be sure you’re picking the correct Roofing Contractor in Janesville, WI, even though anyone might claim to be an expert in this profession. It’s very worthwhile to sort through the many options available, especially given how much of an investment roofing improvement can be.

Steps to Plan Your Roofing Project In Wisconsin
Know What Service Your Roof Requires & Know The Type of Roof You Need

Does your roof require repairs or a new installation? The best roofing contractor will assess if repairs are more cost-effective than replacing it immediately. 

Replacing your roof is likely the best course of action if it is older than twenty years. In that scenario, the kind of material you choose to employ must be decided. The two most often utilized materials are cedar and asphalt shingles. Both have benefits, but because asphalt shingles are less expensive than cedar, most homeowners go with them. 

There are other aspects of roofing to consider, such as underlayment and water shield, which are crucial components that must be changed beneath the cedar shingles.

Check Their Price Quote

Plan Your Roofing Project


Ensure you request a formal estimate from the roofing contractor following your initial visit. A contractor should never pressure you into signing a contract or merely provide verbal estimates. By requesting written quotes, you can determine how competitive their pricing is and what kind of value you anticipate. 

Before choosing a contractor, comparing quotes from several roofing businesses is a good idea. But keep in mind that inexpensive can also mean expensive, so you don’t want to work with a cheap contractor that will mishandle your project and leave you with problems as soon as they finish. 

Get Things Done In Written, Not Verbal

Plan Your Roofing Project


Don’t place yourself at a disadvantage by taking verbal promises alone. Your roofing contractor and you must have a formal contract outlining all of the terms and conditions you have discussed and decided upon. The written agreement will serve the purpose of a roadmap clarifying the company’s responsibilities in addition to safeguarding you. 

Along with the start and finish dates of the home renovation project, an outline of the roofing materials and any other relevant information like roof removal, post-installation inspections, and assistance should be included. Ensure the contract explains how other areas of your house will be safeguarded during the procedure.

Ask All Your Doubt & Inquiries

Plan Your Roofing Project


Inquire about their prior experience working on structures similar to yours. Find out the owner’s name, business history, and location of the roofing contractor. 

Make sure the business does not use subcontractors with little or no job experience or references by discovering who will be performing the real work. Find out when your project will be finished and when the roofers can start working on it. 

Learn about the company’s safety procedures for employees and ask to speak with past clients about their experiences.


Roofing projects are never inexpensive, but with these pointers, you can make sure you select a qualified and value-driven contractor by taking the appropriate safety measures.

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