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Fender Play is an interactive learning platform with video-centric learning lessons taught by an instructor-led video tutor. Skill and song courses on Fender Play are tailored for beginner musicians, but experienced guitarists may still gain something new from this platform.

Users start with answering some basic questions about their instrument of choice and genre preferences, then receive a customized curriculum with lesson paths covering acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and song-based methods (from Foo Fighters to Meghan Trainor). To learn more about this exciting option, read on.

What is Fender Play?


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Fender Play is a subscription-based guitar learning platform designed for novice guitarists. Lessons are short, well-structured, and taught by experienced teachers with songs as well as fundamental techniques taught. According to this Fender Play Review, the platform incorporates multiple camera angles for easy follow-along and clear step-by-step walkthroughs of its lessons to ensure optimal learning results. This can be for people of any playing level.

Some users have complained about the content being too basic; however most find the amount staggering and more-than acceptable. While this is great for newcomers to music theory and chord progressions, more advanced players might find this unsatisfying. Some have even claimed the site fails to cover topics like chord building and scale construction.

Lessons at music lessons platform are tailored for beginners and designed to be engaging and fun, featuring instructors that include both professional musicians and students who have already played. There’s even a progress tracker so that users can see just how far they have come while providing motivation.

What are the Positive & Negative Features?


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After signing up for Fender Play, users will answer some questions regarding their preferred instrument and genre of music to allow the app to develop an individual learning path for them. These paths include courses that teach beginner music theory as well as foundational techniques – plus lessons for popular songs from U2, Shawn Mendes, Meghan Trainor and Carrie Underwood among many others.

Lesson videos are concise and accessible, with clear instructions that make learning guitar an effortless process. Production quality is outstanding: crisp images and clear audio will have you strumming along like this in no time! This app also provides valuable learning aids such as first-person views of fretboard to demonstrate chord fingerings as well as options to isolate your own playing by disabling drums and bass from songs for greater focus on individual performance.

There are also additional articles which provide more in-depth coverage of popular songs, chord progressions and guitar techniques – this serves as an excellent source of both inspiration and information for guitarists looking for new ways to explore music on guitar.

Fender Play app stands out among online guitar lessons with its consistent language and notation used throughout all videos, which makes understanding easier when learning from various instructors. They also cover fundamentals before moving onto more advanced concepts like scales and chords – each lesson building off previous ones before re-explaining old concepts to ensure students fully grasp each concept before adding in new concepts to ensure full comprehension from students.

The Fender Play app isn’t without flaws, however. For one thing, it requires following along with videos rather than trying to read tab music while practicing. Its user-friendliness differs significantly from many of its competitors: it may be difficult finding the appropriate tab for a song and there’s no printing feature which makes practicing on-the-go more cumbersome.

One drawback of the app is its limited selection of content outside its learning paths. While there are some useful song lessons, riff tutorials, and style breakdowns available there, other online guitar learning platforms offer much deeper content offerings than what can be found elsewhere.

Will Fender Play Really Help Me Learn the Guitar?


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Lessons are taught by upbeat and professional-sounding millennial teachers using multiple camera angles to show you how to play each lesson. These videos include split screens, close-ups of fingers being played and birds-eye views of fretboards so that students can easily understand where each finger should be placed on strings.

Fender Play makes learning the guitar simpler for newcomers by offering an optional feedback mode. In this mode, players can record themselves playing guitar and then listen back and review how well they did; it serves as a great motivational tool that can help improve playing ability while keeping you motivated to continue learning the instrument. It is important to remember that learning an instrument takes practice every day, so be patient.

It’s important to take your time when learning any new instrument, as its like learning anything else new – but harder as it involves most o your senses working in tandem. Don’t beat yourself up and take your time – that way, you’re sure to have a good time while also learning.

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