6 Incredible Uses of Old Bed Sheets and Towels

old bedsheet use

What Do You Do with Your Bed Sheets and Towels That Have Become Tattered and Unusable?

Like most folks, your first instinct is probably to get rid of them. But wait, before you do that; there are innumerable ways in which you can find new uses for your aged linen. Most of them are simple, yet surprising owing to their amazing ingenuity.  All you need to know are some few basic tips on how to get around this and you can pretty much do everything all by yourself. Besides, you stand to save a lot on the items that you would have to buy and it is better for the environment.

Below, a laundry service in Orlando recommends six ways in which you can give your old bed sheets and towels a new role to play. Take a look:

1. Pet uses

old bedsheet use

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If you have young puppies or kittens, your towels could provide them with a lot of coziness and warmth in their kennel or their sleeping pad. The preferable fabric is the soft type but do not bother to wash them; stuff them judiciously into where the puppies like sleeping with their mum and let them enjoy the perks of comfortable sleeping and ‘lounging’. Besides, their mother’s pheromones are likely to remain in the sheets long after their mother has weaned them off and left them. This will be a constant reminder of her and provide them with solace as they learn to be on their own.

Another great way of giving your playful dog some fun is to clean the sheets, strip them and tie them into knots. Your dog will have a lot of fun and entertainment chewing the fabric and playing around with it. You can also play chase with your dog by throwing away the old fabric and letting the dog chase after it. What great fun it is!

For those who have pet birds, you can give a whole new creative experience by giving them old linen with loose fabric. You will be surprised at the creative new nests that they will come up with.

2. Kitchen uses

old bedsheet use

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Old towels and wash clothes can have great uses in your kitchen, ranging from cleaning surfaces to holding hot cooking pans. However, before using them, the towels should be thoroughly cleaned using a strong detergent and thoroughly ironed. You can then go ahead and cut them into different sizes depending on your desired uses. For instance, if you would like to use them as dish towels, you can have your tailor cut them into small square or rectangular pieces and have their ends carefully and fashionably knitted off. There you are, a stock of dish towels, surface towels and cozy holding pads from your old towels!

3. Laundry Uses

It may seem ironic that old laundry can find some new use in laundry again – but this is a very valid possibility, especially in the ironing specialty. Old sheets and towels form a very good padding for your ironing boards. Ensure that you cut them into the appropriate sizes that fit your board. The advantage of doing this is that your board gets to last a long time and that the sheets particularly offer a nice smooth surface for excellent ironing.

The old towels also provide very good material that can be used as cleaning rags all over the house since most of them are made of cotton. The uses are vast including cleaning the stained walls, dusting off household items, cleaning the floors and surface tops.

4. Car uses

old bedsheet use

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If you have a car, then the old towels and sheets have got you covered. They are very helpful during snowing and in auto emergencies.

If you think that it is likely to snow, you can use them to cover the windshield so that you do not have to go through the hassle of scraping off the snow. Moreover, old rags from the towels and sheets can provide good traction in any case you get stuck in the snow. Other than such snow cases, the towels also come in handy during auto emergencies, you can use them to clean off oil spills or lie on them while repairing your car.

Removable and washable car seats can also be made from the old sheets. Sheets of quality material are especially good for this purpose.

5. Garden Uses

Old towels can provide good insulation for your garden plants in the fall when temperatures begin to drop. Cover the plants during the night when it most chilly and remove the cloth in the morning so that they can get some sunlight. Cotton towels can also be cut into small pieces and allowed to decompose in the garden. If it’s summer time you can utilize the large surface area of your sheets to cover ground where you don’t want weeds coming through. This option for a weed barrier is not only cheaper than purchasing a store-bought tarp but it is also eco-friendly.

6. Bedroom uses

old bedsheet use

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In the bedroom, there is no shortage of use for the old linen. Old bed sheets can be reused as curtains, while the old towels can be used as bedside floor mats. You can also sew old sheets together and use them as blanket or duvet instead of buying new ones.

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