Quinceanera Gown: Jewellery Tips To Inspire

Quinceanera Gown jwellery

The Quinceanera is a very important cultural event that signifies the arrival of womanhood and as you approach the age of 15, your thoughts will be focused on your party look. Of course, the major dilemma is your dress and once you have nailed that, the next thing is accessories. While there is already a lot of good advice out there, we thought we’d offer you a few tips on how to choose the right necklace.

Choosing Jewellery Metal

Quinceanera Gown jwellery

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This would depend on the dress color; rose gold works with ivory, turquoise and teal, while silver is perfect for any shade of blue. If you need a splash of yellow, gold jewellery is the answer. Use your imagination and try a few jewellery combinations while looking in the mirror and you might surprise yourself.

Balanced Look

The important thing to remember with jewellery is balance and when you have a bare section of skin under your face, your necklace should be in the center. Achieving a balanced look could be the result of trial and error and spending an hour with your necklace collection is recommended. Any jeweller can shorten or lengthen a necklace, should resizing be required and when ordering jewellery online, make sure you have the right length.


Quinceanera Gown jwellery

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While you might not have a diamond jewellery collection, mom probably does and she would be happy to let you wear one of her diamond necklaces. There isn’t a mom alive that wouldn’t move heaven and earth to ensure that her daughter has a great Quinceanera and she can also help with your dress selection.

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Pearls go with light shades (ivory, pink, lilac and white) but they are also made for the LBD. Ideal for a mermaid creation, a pearl necklace is a statement piece, which is why pearls are a natural choice for many girls.


Quinceanera Gown jwellery

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Layering a few necklaces is a good idea, taking care to ensure varied lengths and you can even mix metals, avoiding anything chunky. Talk to your friends about their planned look for the party and you might get some good ideas. Second opinions are always welcome.

Adding Color

A necklace can offer a chance to add a pop color and Google Images will bring you hundreds of fine examples of creating pop color for a party look. This could be achieved with a pendant of colored stones and don’t forget skin tone matters when choosing second and third colors.

V-Neck Dresses

Quinceanera Gown jwellery

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We feel a pendant is the best choice for a V-neck dress; the ideal length would see the pendant suspended in the middle section of your front. If you have yet to acquire your dress, you may want to check out elegant quinceanera dresses online, while at the same time looking for an online jeweller who would have an extensive catalogue of pendants and necklaces.

It is important to do your homework to plan your Quinceanera look and with a dress rehearsal the week before, you will be brimming with confidence as you reach that milestone age of 15.

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