Live A Normal Life With Glaucoma

The buildup of pressure in the eyeball, also called as Glaucoma, can cause not only gradual loss of eyesight but also a gradual loss of the quality and standard of life that you are otherwise used to. It’s not impossible to live with glaucoma but it requires few lifestyle changes for you and the ones around you as well. While it maybe a little tough to live with glaucoma, it can be managed with few efforts on your part.

However, what’s important about living with glaucoma is getting diagnosed with it in the early stage. So it’s important that you go for regular checkups to the doctor. This is especially important for patients with eyesight issues or those who have a history of glaucoma in their family.


Living with glaucoma meds can be a challenge because you have to make sure that you are regular in your medicine dosage. Whatever eye glaucoma treatment you have been prescribed, make sure that you are regular in that and following the instructions of your opthamologist.

You must ensure that you are physically active and healthy for the overall well being of your body. So make sure you are going for regular walks, running or other forms of workout. There may be some particular exercises that might increase the pressure in your eye. So it’s always better to consult your doctor regarding your exercises.


Remember that your body is only as good as your mind . So you must ensure that your mental health is also well when you’re living a life with glaucoma. It can be quite shocking to find out for the first time that you have glaucoma. Share your feelings with your loved ones and try to stay positive. Don’t consider yourself alone and join a support group to understand how other people are living with glaucoma.

Don’t think that your life will be very different after glaucoma. You can continue to do what you were doing before, just with a little bit of changes so don’t let glaucoma bring you down. Make sure you continue your passions and hobbies. Discuss your hobbies and passions with your opthamologist and plan how you can continue to pursue these.


Maintain a healthy diet. It’s very important for you to get all the nutrition you need and keep your body healthy. It’s important to consume more leafy and green veggies, decrease the caffeine in your body and consume fluids slowly. If you’re a smoker, it’s extremely important that you quit and if you’re having trouble quitting smoking, seek professional help.

You should wear protective glasses when you’re working outside or in a well lit area because with  glaucoma, eyes can become very sensitive to glare. If your eyes feel itchy, avoid itching or scratching them. This can make the glaucoma worse and cause more discomfort. Your doctor can prescribe you some drops incase your eyes are dry.

Don’t be afraid to explore glaucoma treatment options like laser treatment for glaucoma in case you are eligible for it. You can sit with your doctor and explore treatment options for your glaucoma condition.



Glaucoma is a serious health condition but due to advanced medicine, there is enough research available to effectively manage, live with and treat glaucoma. So don’t hesitate from exploring treatment options for your glaucoma along with learning to live with it. Living with glaucoma may be a challenge, but it’s not impossible to live with it, so don’t lose hope and fight it out. Lifestyle changes, medicines and a positive mind can help you beat glaucoma and learn to live with it.

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