How Can I Make My Dining Room Look Bigger?

dining table and chairs

The dining room is one of the most important spaces in a household, where the family gathers, and you can enjoy a catch up with friends. However, this is also one of those high-traffic areas of the house that need to be perfectly planned to be both functional and beautiful.

With the right pieces of furniture and tips, you can create a smooth design in your dining room and free up some extra space. Make sure you are not missing out on the tips below and check out the most recent dining table and chairs sale to find the best deals.

Opt for a Wall-Mounted Table

dining table and chairs



A wall-mounted table that flips up and down whenever you need it can help you save a lot of space in your dining room. Indeed, aside from chairs and storage, the table is the element that will be the most space-consuming. Investing in a flip-down table can help you save living space in between meals and enjoy a more spacious room during the rest of the day.

Opt for Extra Shelves

Shelves are undoubtedly the best storage option in a small dining area. Indeed, they take up less space than cabinets or chest of drawers, and they can hold most of your accessories and utensils. And, of course, since you can still see the wall behind them, they won’t make your look room smaller than it is.

At the same time, the objects placed on the shelves will be in-sight most of the time. Therefore, it is crucial to be careful about how you decide to display each item. For example, you should consider investing in matching plates and kitchenware, so you can create a uniform and uncluttered effect.

Pick Stools or Benches

dining table and chairs


One of the most important aspects of a dining room is chairs and seats. Indeed, this is the place where the family gathers to relax and enjoy a delicious meal – making sure that everyone is comfortable is paramount. Nonetheless, if you have minimal space to play around with, make sure you are opting for stools and short benches instead of chairs. Stools and benches are easy to hide underneath the table, and they won’t take up more space than necessary.

Add a Mirror

If your dining room is particularly small, the chances are that you only have a small window to get natural light from. In this case, it is important to play with natural elements and mirrors. For example, you could consider decorating with houseplants to smooth out the corners or grow spices to make the room look richer while also uncluttered. At the same time, placing a mirror in front of this greenery or the windows will increase the light in the room and make it look brighter and airier.

Downsize the Furniture

dining table and chairs


If you prefer to keep the traditional setting of a dining room and include tables and chairs, make sure these are of the right size. Indeed, items that are too big might become cumbersome and make the room look even smaller.

Instead, downsizing the different pieces of furniture allows you to have all the elements you need in the dining room – but without having to waste space. If you are looking for smaller pieces of furniture for your dining room, don’t miss out on the latest dining table and chairs sale.

Pick Soft, Solid Colours

You can change the entire atmosphere in a room just by repainting it. While this is a great way to give your dining room a makeover on a budget, picking the right colour is crucial. In this case, white is the preferable one because it creates more space, increases the room’s brightness, and makes the whole place look bigger.

However, if you are looking for an alternative effect, you should consider using pastel, solid colours that won’t create too much contrast. Ideally, this will compliment the whole dining space and provide you with a canvas to work on when setting up the dining room and tablescaping which can be further explored on the Nisbets website.

Let the Light In

dining table and chairs


If curtains or drapes cover your window, it is time to get rid of them. If you really need to do something to increase your level of privacy, you might opt for blinders that can be rolled up or down whenever you need. However, not having blinders allows your dining room to benefit from as much natural light as possible during the day.

And, when this is coupled with a strategically placed mirror, you can see the size of your room grow!

Embrace Minimalism

One of the factors that make a room look smaller is unnecessary clutter and accessories. While we tend to accumulate unneeded items in our dining rooms, one of the simplest and most affordable ways to find more space is to stick to minimalism. You can do so by keeping the items that are truly useful and necessary, as well as investing in a few, high-quality pieces of furniture.

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