How to Measure for Window Blinds & Shades

Window Blinds & Shades

Aren’t your window blinds and shades need to be replaced? If yes, it is the right time to get a new one, but the question is how to measure for window blinds and shades?

Before making an order, you need to give measurements for which you should know how to measure. In this guide, I will explain a few steps that will help you to know how to do it if you aren’t aware of it.

Many people go for custom blinds, among which LA custom blinds are popular worldwide. Wherever you are residing, you can get your hands on them by ordering online.

Let’s begin the guide and discuss the process in a detailed way.

Measuring Instructions for Window Blinds

Window Blinds & Shades


There is no hard and fast rule in order to measure it; by following a few easy steps, you can do it yourself. You need to measure in 2 different directions, i.e., Inside mount and outside mount. Let’s discuss both in detail.

1- Inside Mount

For the measurement of the inside mount, you need to measure the width from inside the window in all directions, i.e., top, bottom, and middle. However, go along with the inside mount if the window comprises enough width. If you are planning to go for window blinds, then ensure that they should be 3 inches deep.

You will come across many benefits if you consider inside mount for Window blind measurements. For instance, It develops an elegant and clean look, and it also features appealing and captivating window molding or trims. It also goes best for such a window that doesn’t have enough wall space. However, it also comes with a drawback.

If you are taking measurements for an inside mount, then they should be 100% accurate because your single mistake can make the measurements go wrong. Hence, you need to be extra careful while doing it. Try not to take any remittances on the width and height. The company will take all necessary stipends on an inside mount for functioning clearance.

2- Outside Mount

The other option that you have in this regard is taking measurements of the outside mount. If your window is not deep, then the only option left for you is to go for the Outside mount. There are many reasons that might convince you to chose outside mount. For instance, it is more flexible and easy to take measurements of Outside Mount.

Furthermore, it makes the video look large, and it is the best choice in order to block the light. In order to begin the measurement process, Examine the distance starting from the point from where you want to start placing the blind to the point to decrease the light leakage. It might be 3″ total width, but in some cases, it might exceed.

Make proper and accurate measurements of width, height, and depth and once you are sure about them, go for it.

Tips To Consider

Window Blinds & Shades


There are few blunders that people often make, and in the end, the measurements go wrong. Hence I thought to mentioned those points that you should avoid or tips that you should follow while taking measurements.

  • Don’t measure the Window in feet; instead, measure in inches.
  • Don’t assume that each window’s measurement is identical. Measure each one, and you might get different results.
  • First, you should measure the width and later go for length.
Types of Blinds and Shades

Let’s discuss a bit about window blind and shade types accessible in the market from which you can make the decision.

Types of Blind

Window Blinds & Shades


It comprises 3 types of blinds that you can consider for your home windows.

  • Wood Blind: The first one on the list is a wood blind that is made from real and genuine hardwood that gives the vibe of real beauty and add value. If you go for wood blinds, it will make a perfect combination with all the furniture pieces placed in the room. Whether you want a modern or classic look, wood blinds are always the right option.
  • Aluminium Blind: The next one on the list is Aluminium blinds that are a perfect choice in case if you want permanence, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Vertical Blind: The last option for you is to go for Vertical blinds that are easily accessible in the market in a wide range and colors. These types of blinds are appropriate for big and large apartments. If the space and floor are too large, it is worth recommending.
Types of Shades

Window Blinds & Shades


Like blinds, shades also comprise different types from which you can decide which one to choose. It includes:

  • Roman Shades: Roman shades are designed from a fabric piece in which you can find different fabric pieces, i.e., from silk to cotton, you have maximum options. When you roll the shades, you experience a soft touch, and when you pull the shades down, they lean back smooth.
  • Solar Shades: Another shades category is solar shades that are identical to sunglasses. It let you witness everything from the fabric, but still, it makes the room look modern and gives amazing vibes. You can consider a solar shade for the windows if you are looking for one.
  • Woven Wood Shade: The last one on the list is a Woven wood shade that is highly used everywhere. They are originated from organic and warm material that makes the room look natural. If you are planning to purchase shades for your living room windows, it is a perfect choice in this regard.
Final Thoughts

Window Blinds & Shades


Window shades and blinds make a huge difference and enhance the beauty of the room, so be concerned about the measurements and type of shades or blinds before picking any particular one. I have enlisted the ways of measurements that might help you to take them in the future.

Furthermore, Live Enhanced explores types of blinds and shades that you might consider for your living room or bedroom in the future. Read the guide and take notes from it. Make your rooms worth appealing by making the right choice.

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