France Detects IHU Virus: New Covid Variant Explained!

IHU Virus

During the outbreak of the Omicron variation of coronavirus, the newly discovered variant in France alarmed specialists all over the world. They termed it ‘IHU,’ and it sparked worries of a sudden burst of infections.

The variant’s genetic coding has 46 mutations and 37 deletions, which is greater than Omicron. Many of them influence the spiking protein.

The strain is a comment thread of the B.1.640, and researchers from Méditerranée Infection disclosed its existence in Marseille, which is part of France’s Instituts hospitals-Universitaires (IHU) – thus the title. We have granted it the number B.1.640.2.

How IHU Covid Variant Detects?  

IHU Virus


As per Forbes, the first incidence of the IHU variant was discovered in mid-November 2021. This occurs before the formal finding of Omicron on November 24.

The novel variety was detected in a Frenchman who had returned from Cameroon, Africa. (where Omicron was also detected) He had respiratory problems and was examined for Covid-19.

The inclusion of the B.1.640.2 variation was detected in the sample. Following that, they recorded 11 further cases from the same geographic area in southern France.

Not Spreading Like Wildfire! 

At least 400 cases with the B.1.640 variation have been found so far. Based on the most recent, that records the incidence of various variants in genome sequencing databases. We have detected them in at least 19 different nations. Surprisingly, one of these sequences is also from India, and it is the sole one among the over 90,000 sequences from India that have been submitted in worldwide databases.

Most sequences of this variation have come from France, where 287 instances have been verified so far. Germany has 17 examples, and the United Kingdom has 16. However, the nation with the highest prevalence of this variation appears to be Congo, where 39 of the 454 genome analyses done so far reside to B.1.640.

B.1.640 was designated as a variation under observation, or VUM, by the World Health Organization (WHO) in November. VUM is the entry-level categorization of a variant that is worth keeping a check on

Unknown Facts About Covid IHU Variant!

IHU Virus


Here is a list of what they reveal so far regarding the new IHU variant.

  • Specialists at the IHU Mediterranee Infection in Marseille were the first to identify it.
  • It’s been traced to a voyage to Cameroon, An African country. They discovered Omicron on November 24 in the southern part of The state, and it swiftly devoured the entire world.
  • They reported minimum 12 cases of the new IHU variety near France, Marseilles, in early December. They’re thought to be linked to the Cameroonian index case.
  • The genomes were retrieved using next-generation genotyping with Oxford Nanopore Technologies on GridION devices, as per a paper published on medRxiv. It says that the mutations resulted in 14 amino acid changes and 9 amino acid deletions in the spiking protein.
Keep Calm, Don’t Panic! 

IHU Virus


While the enormous number of important mutations in this variant has piqued the curiosity of experts and sparked public worry, the B.1.640 is not expanding at an alarming rate. It is far from as concerning as the emergence of Omicron. As per the website, this variant was last caught on 25 December 2021. Following that, we could not locate any additional cases in international databases.

“Given the data, there’s nothing to panic or worry about right now.” But obviously, something to monitor in the coming weeks,” said Vinod Scaria, a scientist at Delhi’s Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, tweeted on Tuesday.

Take all The Precautions! 

As per the World Health Organization, we should keep at least a six-feet distance from everyone, wear a well-fitted mask when maintaining your distance is impossible, avoid crowded and unventilated locations, open windows and doors to keep rooms well ventilated, and wash our hands more often.

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