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Jewish Style Jewelry

Nearly 4,000 years ago, God spoke to a Hebrew man named Abraham and his wife, Sarah, who was old and childless. They were told that their children would be “as plentiful as the stars in the sky.” God also said they would live in a land of their own– the Promised Land. And in time, this came true. God keeps his promise of caring for us. We, on the other hand, are all human, and we all fall short in one way or another – bound to make those human errors.  In order to pay homage to my ancestors for their unwavering faith, I wear Jewish style jewelry. It’s a wonderful reminder that I must follow God’s laws throughout my life.

There is a great deal of significance attached to this spiritual jewelry. Judaism, in particular, is abundant in religious symbols and representations. Many of these symbolic icons are included in Jewish jewelry and art. 

In this post, I want to discuss the mystical meaning behind jewelry in the Jewish tradition. We will also go over the most common Jewish jewelry motifs and how they help me honor my religious beliefs. With this in mind, let’s gain perspective on the many symbols of Israeli jewelry.

What’s the Mystical Meaning of Jewish Style Jewelry?

Jewish Style Jewelry


Throughout history, the significant meaning and symbolism behind jewelry has been found in cultures from around the world. In ancient times, many cultures would use materials such as wood or stone in specific ways. This was to represent different beliefs or affiliations. As jewelry evolved through the ages, many of the purposes and symbols stayed the same.

Jewish style jewelry consists of different attributes from within the culture. Each of these provides people with a physical symbol that represents a mystical idea or value. These designs can change the way the owner feels when they are wearing the jewelry. The purposes of the motifs can also vary. People wear Jewish jewelry for religious purposes, rites of passage, protection, and self-expression. Because of what these pendants represent, they are more meaningful and important to the owner.

Common Types of Jewish Style Jewelry

Jewish Style Jewelry


Jewish jewelry isn’t just an accessory. It truly reflects the spiritual elements of Jewish tradition. These jewels can bring happiness, spiritual wholeness, and good health.

Many of these Jewish treasures come in geometric shapes and forms. Geometry plays a significant role in religious and spiritual meanings. Jewish style jewelry is unique in design and it lets us honor and stand by our traditions. When we wear one of these treasures, we feel connected to our rich history.

There is an assortment of Jewish jewelry that is offered by Israeli jewelry artists. Next, we will go over the most common types of Jewish jewelry carrying pure meaning, spiritual upliftment, and tons of good wishes when you present them as gifts to someone you love.

Judaica Jewelry

There is something both mysterious and charming about Judaica jewelry. One of the most well-known pieces is the Hoshen. The Hoshen is based on the linen breastplate worn by Israel’s High Priests. This stunning piece of jewelry stands for Israel’s culture and religion. It’s a constant reminder of hope. 

Jewish Star of David Jewelry

Jewish Style Jewelry


Perhaps one of the most prominent symbols of the Jewish nation and faith is the Star of David. This six apex star even appears on the Israeli flag and in every synagogue.

The Star of David necklaces are very unique symbols. It will bring the wearer good fortune, wealth, joy, and even protect from any misfortune. 


It’s important to always be aware of God’s presence and commandments in our daily lives. To remind us of these, Mezuzahs must be attached to our doorposts.  This handwritten parchment paper is inscribed with Torah verses. Then, it is rolled up and kept inside a decorative case.  These Mezuzah cases display the Hebrew letter “shin,” and sometimes the word “Shaddai.” This is one of the names of God. It means “Guardian of the doors of Israel.”

The Mezuzah pendant symbolizes divine protection in Judaism.


The Hebrew word for “living” is Chai. It’s important to realize that this is a very well-loved symbol in Judaism.  It’s actually fascinating that in Hebrew numerology the letters for this word equal 18. The number 18 is a significant number for Jewish style jewelry gift-giving. The special Chai pendant and the number 18 stand for long life and prosperity.

Ten Commandments/Torah

Jewish Style Jewelry


Jewish Tradition tells of how God gave Moses the Ten Commandments and Torah at Mt. Sinai for the Israelites. The center of Jewish faith is the Torah. This includes the written Torah and the Oral Law. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why many Jewish charms portray the Ten Commandments or a Torah scroll to embrace the central aspect of Jewish faith and tradition.

Bat Mitzvah Jewelry

When a young Jewish girl celebrates her twelve birthday, it’s an exciting time. She becomes a Bat Mitzvah. The girl is to get herself ready to take on household and family duties. During this special day, family and friends will present her with many gifts. There is a strong desire for Bat Mitzvah jewelry. This is very special jewelry and will be treasured for years to come. 

Kabbalah Jewelry

Jewish Style Jewelry


Kabbalah jewelry is a very popular style that many people love to put on. These Jewish pendants stay trendy while also honoring religious beliefs. It’s important to realize that this jewelry isn’t just fashionable. It is said to protect the wearer from the evil eye, misfortune, disease, and poverty.

Kabbalah jewelry uses many semi-precious stones, such as turquoise. Each stone also has its own symbolism. Turquoise will protect the wearer from any negative energy and harm. This stone will bring peace and happiness. Opal brings hope, healing, and success. And onyx will increase self-confidence when it’s put on.

It’s Time to Embrace Jewish Style Jewelry

Clearly, there’s variety in jewelry designs that display Jewish symbols. That means there is something that everyone will fancy. It’s moving forward as a fashion statement that also signifies a powerful hidden meaning. It’s time to pay homage to our Jewish faith and embrace these treasures.

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