8 Reasons Why Planning a Trip to Dubai Is the Best Idea

Dubai trip

Dubai is an ideal destination with sky-touching high-rises, a desert safari, multiple beaches, and swanky shopping malls. It is the Middle East’s modern art and design capital, with a diverse array of cultures and cuisines. Besides the unique and tallest architecture, Dubai is also known as the shopping capital of the Middle East, with around 70 shopping plazas. Being the best shopping destination, thousands of travelers book their trips to Dubai. It is also the city of gold, with nearly 250 gold retail shops.

You will see a spectacular range of cultural events such as Diwali celebrations, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Eid all over the city. You must have heard of Dubai Aquarium & underwater zoo with over 33,000 living animals, giving you a wonderful insight into a majestic marine sight. There are many other reasons to visit Dubai and enjoy the blue skies. Let’s dig deeper into the places to visit and things to do when in Dubai.

Top 8 Ways That Make Dubai the Best Vacation Spot

Here is why Dubai is the best city in the Middle East.

1.    Adventure the Dubai Desert

Dubai trip

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Most people think of Dubai as a desert only before all the skyscrapers and the global shopping venues. You can enjoy a typical desert safari, a 6-hour outdoor adventure trip from morning to overnight. The package includes camel riding, traditional dance shows, dune bashing, quad biking, and dinner. Spend a magical night stargazing amid the Dubai desert sky.

Besides, you can also add new vigor to life by having the most thrilling sandboarding experience and skiing in the vast deserts. Unleash your stress and slide down the slopes as the sun descends. Although in the middle of the Arabian Desert, Dubai is home to a 5 slope indoor ski resort.

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Ride the hot air balloon over the Arabian Desert, which beckons with its ancient mysticism, and admire the never-ending ocean of dunes. Wait for the golden time when the sun descends over the distant Hajar Mountains, giving you the best sunrise of your lifetime.

2.    Experience the Coolest Works Of Architecture

Dubai aspires to take on some of the unique and coolest building projects that will blow your mind. You will find eye-opening architecture on every corner. You must already know about the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on Earth; there are some other grandeurs. The sail-shaped Burj Al Arab with 202 lavish suites is the tallest hotel situated on an artificial island. Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina, Atlantis the Palm, the Opus, Dubai Frame, Gevora Hotel, and the Green Planet are standing proud to win the heart of its visitors. Moreover, one of the most futuristic constructions includes this curvaceous structure, the Museum of the Future.

3.    Visit The Magical Miracle Garden.

Dubai trip

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Dubai has the world’s largest natural flower garden; the Magical Miracle Garden has a variety of exciting activities and tourist attractions each season for all age groups. Around 150 million flowers bloom, inscribed with sculptures of world leaders, cartoons, heart-shaped arches, landmarks, and a full-sized emirate plane. What a sweet-scented destination for your valentine’s day!

4.    Unparalleled Cultural Destination – The Global Village

Befriend the endless cultural experiences in the heart of wonder when in Dubai. It is a multi-cultural melting pot as most of the 90% population is out of the country, and around 200 nationalities call it home. Not just around the city, the diversity of 80 nationalities can be discovered across 26 pavilions this season. You can find samurai with its white katana when roaming in the japan pavilion in the global village. It gives an interactive experience of ancient Japanese culture, where the white katana sword was a primary weapon among warriors. Hence, the global village is a great way to connect minds from all four world’s corners, taking you to all ages.  

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5.    Enjoy The Most Thriving Foodie Scene.

Dubai trip

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With such diverse cultures existing in Dubai, it offers a spectacular range of cuisines from low to high-end. You will find your favorite hundreds of Arab, Persian, Pakistani, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Iranian, Afghani, Chinese, Moroccan, Emirati, and many more restaurants. Undoubtedly, Dubai is the food capital of the world and a heaven for a foodie. Don’t miss out on the array of food festivals and streams of pop-up eateries.

6.    Shop, Play, and Dine In At Dubai’s Best Malls.

Besides foodies, Dubai is also a shopper’s dream with a multitude of malls and incredibly family-focused attractions. It is known for its mega malls and is one of the novelty centers to visit. The Dubai Mall is among the world’s largest malls, and City Walk is the most intagrammable venue to visit. Mercato Malls mimics the sights of a Renaissance-era Italian village, while street-style fashion awaits in the Mall of the Emirates.

7.    Watch The Biggest Fountain Display.

Dubai trip

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The Palm Fountain is the world’s tallest fountain, with captivating water, music, and light sight for everyone. It will surely be the favorite fun spot for kids since 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors illuminate it. Dubai wears star-studded nights, from musical operas to singing fountains.

8.    Not to Forget the Ultimate Experience in An Island Holiday.

Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest manmade island, home to several top-tier luxury villas coupled with spas and sumptuous resorts. It is an ideal holiday destination for a relaxing beach day with international-quality amenities and upmarket global restaurants. Even if you are not residing in the iconic Atlantis The Palm, you can still skydive over this national plant of the UAE. You will have the most incredible view of the palm island shaped like a palm tree at 13,000 ft.

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Dubai has the most impressive skylines, sandy beaches to enjoy, and family fun-filling offerings that are must-visit for an incredible experience. Be it watching sunsets from Burj Khalifa or downtown at the Marina; you are never too far away from a beautiful view. The fun never ends in Dubai, and the city lights up late at night. 

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