Planning To Get Married In 2019? Here Are The Hottest Wedding Theme Trends Of The Year!

Weddings are one of the biggest events in one’s life, and we are sure, every couple wants their wedding day to be pitch-perfect. A wedding has a lot of elements to it. And a wedding theme is what sort of brings everything together. Setting a specific theme for the wedding helps you to plan the rest of the things in an easy and smooth manner. Having decided on the theme, you can now think of ways in which you can incorporate it into the wedding and reception.


Starting from the wedding invitations to the décor to the wedding cake, all of it should be in resonance with your pretty and unique wedding theme. You should think it out well, and decide on a theme that goes hand in hand with your personality. At least people should get an idea that it’s your wedding after all! A wedding gives way to lifetime commitments. And most of the times, it’s a rollercoaster ride. For some couples though, the low points are really low, and that’s when they need an external helping hand in the relationship. Couples Help provides just that, as they offer their services as couples/marriage counsellors and therapists. For years, they have seen broken marriages and impossible situations restored back to their original or even greater wholesomeness.

Look out for these amazing wedding trends this year:

So, if you are a 2019 bride, and you are still confused on what to have as your wedding theme, you have come to the right place. For all the upcoming brides and grooms out there, this post is more than enough to help you figure out your wedding theme and colours. This will give you all the inspiration you need. Take your pick, add your own personal touch to it — and voila, you are on your way to having a perfect wedding!

   1. Vintage:


The vintage wedding theme is still going strong and we don’t think it would exit anytime soon. It’s just so warm and romantic to add old-world items and antiques to the wedding décor. You can even choose to add some family heirlooms, or hand-me-downs among the wedding décor, giving that personal touch.

    2. Geometric + Floral:


Geometric is one of the most popular trends of the moment, and there’s no doubt why! It’s a look that will go both ways, either high end or casual. Go for geometric shaped lanterns and wooden hangings with flowers and candles on it. Decorate the wedding cake with marzipan flowers and geometric icings.

     3. Romantic:


Nothing screams more romantic than an evening wedding having candlelit receptions and fairy lights twinkling all over. This beautiful trend, having highlights like crystal chandeliers, is going to sweep you right off your feet. From lots of flowers, strewn around petals, mood lighting, slow romantic music in the background, it will all be about the love in the air.

     4. High Drama:


These weddings are high on the glam factor and let’s say super ‘extra’. The décor and the wedding arrangements are sure to make some (read all) jaws drop. From extravagant lighting to blingy upholstery, luxurious invitations to beautiful chandeliers, Swarovski studded dinnerware, multiple tiered cakes, and a fabulous fireworks display – this would spell and ooze glamour from start to finish.  

     5. Fairy Tale:


On her wedding day, every bride wishes to live her fairy tale dream. Life is prosaic, but your wedding need not be so. Having a fairy-tale inspired wedding will make it all the more magical. It will set the mood of how magical love truly is. The theme could be your own interpretation of your love story, or you can adopt the theme of your favourite Disney fairy tale. This marvellous theme is sure to bring delight to all hearts, young and old.

So, these five are the hottest of the wedding theme trends this year. Take your pick from any one of these for your nuptials. And your wedding shall be talked about for months (or even years) to come.

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