Why Comfort And Style Are Two Important Things To Consider In Choosing A Flip Flop

Comfort and style can go together despite what fashion gurus espouse. Often we equate comfort with simple and style with sacrifice. Most people who value comfort have to make do with simple designs, basic colors and solid patterns, may it be clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. More often than not, stylish and fashion forward pieces are the least comfortable. There has been this misconception that something beautiful should entail a little discomfort, a small price to pay for being pretty. Look at how celebrities has to endure a tight fitting top, a heavy lined ball gown or analmost nude sheer just to be the most fashion forward among the rest. One only has to recall Lady Gaga’s shoes in one awards night and cringe at how painful it must have been. On the other hand, classic and timeless pieces although considered stylish but have become less favored as it did not offer any wow factor. The case was, if you want to be fashionable, then be prepared for the discomfort it brings, and if you do not want to experience discomfort then don’t be fashionable.

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People who want to be stylish has to put on a well styled look that includes footwear. A certain look requires the appropriate footwear, taking into account the kind of event, gathering or party it may be. Working in a corporate setting also demands a more formal style than being a preschool teacher. It is a reality though that people who like to dress up do choose careers that would provide them with the opportunity to do so, while those who can’t be bothered with it opt to work from home or choose a much laid back workplace. Years of wearing heels, stilettos, boots and shoes can really take its toll in our feet. This is why, at times an ill-fitting footwear can lead to bunions and deform our feet. We may not give much attention to our feet especially that it is not as noticeable as our face or hands, but years of uncomfortable shoes may lead to conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, torn ligaments and chronic pain in the feet.

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In some countries, people customarily walk barefoot or use practical footwear that allows the feet to do its job without being subjected to a closed form such as shoes. In most Asian and Central American countries slippers are the most common footwear. Although shoes have also become an important part of their daily lives, they wear shoes on special occasions, formal occasions or when they go to work. but for their normal daily lives, slippers or flip flops are the way to go.

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People who value comfort on the other hand, has to settle for classic and simple designs, especially when it comes to footwear. However, when you like comfort it does not generally mean that you like boring. One of the most comfortable footwear ever invented are flip flops, it has taken the modern woman by storm, and has come to symbolize rebellion against all fashion rules. Flip flops are essentially rubber slippers which are the staple in tropical countries. Women who wore flip flops came to be seen as carefree, nonchalant and are comfortable with their own sense of style. You can wear flip flops any way you want to, and although the more conservative and fashion police would say flip flops are inappropriate, it all comes down to personal choice. But of course, even if it is considered revolutionary, flip flops do not offer much in terms of style, which is why customized flip flops are the answer to the more fashion conscious wearer.

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Customflip flops are those flip flops that the user can design through embellishments, appliques, colored straps, beads, rivets and other materials. The possibilities are limitless, anybody can design their flip flop, and they can mix and match and create their own original pieces. Moreover, there are also companies that offer specialized services to customize flip flops based on the customer’s design. Flip flops can become a work of art, and since it is designed individually, no two customized flip flops would be the same. The wearer can have that sense of uniqueness and individuality. Aside from being stylish, it also is cheaper than stylish shoes and those with popular brand names. Even if you own multiple pairs it would still not make a dent in your savings. When you see a pair that you really like, try it first as sizes and shapes may also vary, and a good pair will fit perfectly like a glove. A customized flip flop should also feel like that even if it has been transformed into a beautiful piece.

source: https://www.verywellfit.com

There are a number of brands that specialize in the manufacture of flip flops and have become popular worldwide, they also provide special events that allow the consumers to design and make their own flip flops. There is a huge market and following for customized flip flops, and they are the most loyal and would happily pay for a new pair, the ease of which flip flops can be designed that it has achieved a strong market presence that even designer brands are coming out with their own flip flops.

If you are tired of wearing shoes, and feel that your feet have had enough, now is the time to get your first customized flip flop and experience the ease and comfort that you have not had with shoes. Flip flops are stylish and cost effective, as well as being sturdy and have very low possibility of slipping, breaking or cracking. There are a lot of options to choose from as well as varied colors, materials and style.

With a customized flip flop, one can have comfort and style at the same time, you get a beautiful and unique footwear and it is such a joy to wear. Your feet can breathe, has the right amount of support and is still protected from sharp objects. It is like wearing barefoot but one does not have to worry about getting cut or pricked by sharp objects in the street. One can be stylish and original and still enjoy the comfort and freedom that wearing flip flops provide.

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